Why Does Anya Have Psychic Power In Spy x Family?

Here is everything you need to know about Anya and her psychic power in Spy x Family.

Anya’s psychic power to read people’s minds has certainly been the focus ever since the first season of Spy x Family came out. While each member of the Forger Family holds onto a secret dear to them, Anya’s telepathic prowess sets her apart right from the beginning of the series. Over time many have wondered more and more about the origin of her powers and why exactly she has them.

The espionage thriller anime with Loid’s pretend family has gone a long way without discussing Anya’s telepathic powers, who arguably is the cutest and most adorable amongst the bunch. Since season 2 of Spy x Family is still going on at the time of writing, there might be some spoilers ahead.

Spy x Family is based on Tatsuya Endo’s manga which follows the journey of Twilight, a Westalis Spy, and his pretend family which he makes along the way for his undercover mission. Twilight, now known as Loid Forger, adopts a daughter named Anya with nothing to know about her background. Similar to Loid, many might want to find out more about Anya’s past and her psychic abilities. So if you want to know more about the adorable character, then here is a guide you should check out further.

Why Anya has Psychic Power in Spy x Family?

Why Anya Has Psychic Power In Spy x Family
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Unfortunately, not much has been revealed about Anya’s past and the origin of her psychic power in the anime as well as in Tatsuya Endo’s manga. According to the manga chapters, Anya’s telepathic abilities were created after she was taken in as a test subject by an organization which is yet to be revealed. She was formerly known as Test Subject 007 by the scientist who researched her abilities. Not much is known about the organization or the scientist that took Anya in for the experimentation.

The Spy x Family manga is yet to reveal the true nature of all the experimentations and what exactly were the reasons behind them. Having based on a conflict between two nations namely Ostania and Westalis, it’s hard to figure out the purpose behind Anya’s psychic prowess.

With that being said, Bond, the adoptive dog of the Forgers too has some precognitive psychic powers that let him see briefly in the future. Bond gained these abilities after some experiments were conducted on him by the Ostanian government in the research initiative named Project Apple. While the research was just based on animals and Bond was part of it, one might just wonder if Project Apple is behind Anya’s psychic powers as well.

Having said that, Tatsuya Endo has not given us enough hints to prove the theory right, however, it’s also not one that can be ignored. Given the fact that the two nations are on the brink of a war, these experiments may have been conducted due to the need for a powerful weapon.

Up until the manga reveals Anya’s past in the upcoming chapters, the theory will be shrouded in mystery. Season two of Spy x Family covers the entire Cruise Adventure Arc which will introduce the assassin organization Garden. We will have to wait and see how to story unfolds in future manga chapters for Anya.

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