What Is Antstream Arcade On Xbox?

No Emulators, no worries! Find out everything about what is Antstream arcade on Xbox.

If you want to know what is Antstream Arcade on Xbox, you might take a keen interest in playing retro games. But playing the classic-old games illegally is one thing, and playing it legally on your Xbox consoles is another. While in the past, many players have emulated multiple games for their Xbox Series S and Series X consoles. In the end, Microsoft is always one step ahead by cracking and shutting down these emulators. With Antstream Arcade, you don’t have to worry about emulator police getting in the middle of your classic-retro gaming time. It is completely legal to play classic-old games on this service. You can play over 1400 retro games with hundreds of Mini-game challenges. But what is Antstream Arcade? Here’s everything to know about this subscription service on the Xbox platform.

What is Antstream Arcade on Xbox?

what is antstream arcade xbox

Antstream Arcade is a multi-game cloud subscription service that offers a library of the largest retro games via the cloud using Azure. The Antstream Arcade is releasing on all Xbox consoles on July 20, 2023. This subscription service will cost $30 for a 12-month while its Lifetime Pass upgrade costs $80. You can also pre-order the Antstream Arcade subscription service for both offers from over here. Its release marks the first time, a third-party cloud streaming service with multiple games will be available on Xbox.

Speaking of which, its massive library has 1470 games currently alongside 600 mini-game challenges. These games include officially licensed retro games from Nintendo, PlayStation 1, Atari, Game Boy, DOS, and more. In addition, this service offers World Tournaments, couch co-op, community challenges, and 7 Daily challenges. Once you subscribe to this service, you can play classic-old titles like Mortal Kombat 1, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and more on your Xbox console. If you want to know if your favorite retro game is available on Antstream Arcade, check out the full list of all games over here.

Being the first third-party cloud streaming service, it seems like an invitation to many platforms into Xbox. And considering Microsoft’s cloud gaming and streaming monopoly being the topic of interest for the UK’s CMA and FTC, it doesn’t seem like the company will stop collaborating, anytime soon.

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