Is Helldivers 2 Anti-Cheat Kernel Level? – Answered

Worried about Helldivers 2’s Anti-Cheat software? Here’s what you should know about it.

Almost every online game has Anti-Cheat software that prevents in-game exploitation. Helldivers 2, the most recent entry in the 3rd Person Shooter Genre too has an Anti-Cheat software embedded to serve the players well. The developers are using nProtect GameGuard Anti-Cheat to combat cheating. Despite this additional level of protection, players are not happy with this whole Anti-Cheat thing, and I know why is that.

According to Peter Lindgren, the Technical Director of Helldivers 2, the nProtect GameGuard Anti-Cheat is Kernel Level. This sole statement has players concerned about their security, even though it’s for the good. Are you confused about what’s up with the Helldivers 2’s Anti-Cheat scenario? If yes, then allow me to clear this whole thing up.

Helldivers 2’s Kernel Level Anti-Cheat Explained

Is Helldivers 2's Kernel Level Anti-Cheat safe?

Before digging down deeper, let’s know how Anti-Cheat software works. So basically, an Anti-Cheat is usually needed for a PvP game, where the chances of cheating are higher. What this security software does is, it constantly keeps performing a check on the system files to ensure that no one hacks the game. When an Anti-Cheat is operating on such levels that it can read everything on your Hard Drive, then it’s on the Kernel Level. As you know, nProtect GameGuard is a Kernel Level Anti-Cheat software that comes with Helldivers 2.

Due to Helldivers 2’s Kernel Level Anti-Cheat, players are insecure that this is going to steal their data. Well, you should not be worried about the nProtect GameGuard being a threat to your data. It does not steal anything at all. It just prevents tools that make cheating possible in the game. Also, Peter Lindgren has assured that nProtect GameGuard only runs when Helldivers 2 is active. Moreover, it will be removed immediately after you have uninstalled the game.

Most of you may not know this but nProtect GameGuard has been in the market longer than Helldivers 2. Throughout the years, this Anti-Cheat has been through several tests of trust and has earned quite a reputation for it. That said, we can assure you that Helldivers 2’s Kernel Level Anti-Cheat is completely safe

Why Players are not in Favor or Helldivers 2 Anti-Cheat

Actually, an Anti-Cheat that works on the Kernel Level can take a toll on your CPU. Since it constantly keeps on reading your data in the background, the load on your system hardware will be greater. Eventually, this will make Helldivers 2 run slow on your PC, which is not what you want. There are chances that it may crash too, if you have a mid-level system.

If you have heard about the Denuvo, then you may already know about such issues. In short, Anti-Cheats protect you from hackers but eventually can lead to lags and stutter during your playthrough.

That’s all there is to know about the Helldivers 2’s Anti-Cheat software. For more information about the game, stay connected with us here. We have plenty of helpful guides for you.