BioWare Drops Update 1.1.1 For Anthem Which Fixes Minor Issues But Ignores Major Ones

BioWare is releasing a new patch for Anthem today, update 1.1.1 brings a few needed changes to the game but the developers have yet again failed to address the major issue of loot drop that Anthem has been criticized for since day one.

Anthem is witnessing a decaying death as more and more players are either collecting a refund for their purchases or leaving the game forever altogether and just abandoning it, the developers promised a lot but until now have not delivered on any of those promises.

With the new update, players will no longer be able to get Elysian Caches after this goes live which will infuriate players furthermore.

A lot of the people who were in charge of Anthem while in development have left the game and now is being developed by another team, this means that a rescue for Anthem is highly unlikely.

The roadmap which was promised during the launch of the game has been delayed indefinitely and Anthem has been one of the biggest flops of 2019 after showing promise in E3 when it was first revealed.

Even with everything going downhill the developers have released an update which fixes some of the things in the game.

The update notes for 1.1.1 are as follows:

  • Fixed an error where Weapon and Components stat values were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where suit power level (rarity) was not correctly being calculated based on equipped items.
  • Fixed an issue with Spanish audio in a conversation in the Sunken Cell stronghold.
  • Fixed an issue with French audio in a conversation in the Sunken Cell stronghold.
  • Fixed an issue causing a slight delay in Salvaging at End of Expedition
  • Partially defeated encounters will no longer re-dispense loot from previously defeated creatures.
  • [PC ONLY] – Right-clicking an item to salvage it at the end of expedition screen now requires the mouse button to be held.
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