Anthem Interceptor Javelin Class Guide – All Abilities, Gears and Tips

Interceptor the Ninja Assassin in Anthem is a lethal Javelin Suit. It is the fastest suit introduced so far, you can perform different acrobatic movements to dodge attacks or to target a single enemy. Players who love fast-paced action gameplay can stick with Interceptor. It will give the speed you want, it’s for the fast movers who hate to camp. Interceptor can just barge into a group but it is best if you are focusing on one single enemy.

Anthem Javelin Class – Interceptor

Interceptor is a light suit, and best for melee combat. The suit is also very fragile so if you are surrounded then it won’t be easy to get out. My best advice to play as Interceptor is always keep -moving.

Interceptor Javelin Gears:

Assault System:

  • Searching Glaive – Throw a homing Glaive.
  • Venom Bomb – Throw a grenade that explodes and spits acid.
  • Cyro Glaive – Lock on two targets and freezes them on impact.
  • Cluster Mine – Attack enemies group with mines.
  • Spark Dash – Dash forward with full speed and leave a trail of electricity that
  • causes damage.

Strike System

  • Detonating Strike: Melee Attack that charges an enemy with electric energy, the enemy can explode causing damage to other nearby.
  • Plasma Star: Long range attack, throw plasma powered shuriken on a single enemy.
  • Wraith Strike: Unleash projection of Interceptor to attack enemies.
  • Tempest Strike: Melee strike that can cause high physical damage and force.
  • Venom Spray: Spray Corrosive Acid to attack enemies.

Support System

  • Target Beacon: Mark an enemy and your allies can cause higher damage to the target.
  • Rally Cry: Remove harmful status effect from your squad.

Interceptor can be risky for beginners, it is ideal for pro players who love to take a lead. It is fragile but is fast, the suit is amazing when you are focus on one enemy at a time. The speed gives an edge to Interceptor but also it can put you in danger if you are not good enough to control it. It features some cool attacks, all it matters to use it cleverly when you are in a battle.