Neil Blomkamp Delivers Perfect Short Film For Anthem Before Launch

The Anthem swims through your mind, it knows you. It knows us all.

EA and BioWare made huge headlines with the recent release of its beta version of Anthem which has garnered huge support ahead of its release and now we have a short film made my Director Neil Blomkamp which shows events of a not so long ago.

The short film looks more like a trailer, it shows a glimpse of the backstory Anthem is based upon and introduces us to a few characters which may end up having a pivotal role in the actual game.

Blomkamp who has delivered films like District 9 is well versed with the Sci-Fi genre and engaging in this project seems like the perfect opportunity for the director.

The film made by him is the perfect package to present the gamers before the actual release of the game as this will certainly bring a lot of attention towards the game.

EA has faced a lot of criticism in the past for microtransactions and loot boxes but together with BioWare they have until now given the assurance that microtransactions will be for cosmetic items only.

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Anthem will be released on 22nd February for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation

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