Harry Potter Magic Awakened History of Magic Answers List

Unravel the History of Magic and answer all the questions to get a perfect score in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. 

History of Magic taught by Professor Gorski in Harry Potter Magic Awakened is one of the toughest classes to perfect. Those who have seen the Harry Potter movies or read its book might find it, but those who have started exploring the plot with the HPMA game will have it hard. Most questions in the History of Magic class revolve around Harry. And others around the characters of the franchise. So refer to this list of questions and answers to get a perfect score in the History of Magic HP Magic Awakened class.

All History of Magic Answers in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

History of Magic Answers HP Awakened

History of Magic Answers for Questions on Creatures by Professor Gorski

  • Which creatures feed on the human brain and helped New Scamander escape?
    • Swooping Evil
  • What fluffy creature hums when it’s happy and likes to stick its tongue up Wizards’ noses?
    • Puffskein
  • Who was Dobby’s original owner?
    • Lucius Malfoy

Harry Potter Answers for History of Magic Awakened

  • Who was Harry Potter’s godfather?
    • Sirius Black
  • Where was Harry born?
    • Godrick’s Hollow
  • What was Harry Potter’s middle name?
    • James
  • Who is known as the “Chosen One”?
    • Harry Potter
  • What curse is Harry Potter the only known survivor of?
    • Avada Kedavra
  • What mode of transportation did Hagrid use to take infant Harry Potter to his aunt and uncle’s house at 4 Privet Drive?
    • Flying Motorbike
  • Where did Harry Potter live with his muggle relatives the Dursleys?
    • Privet Drive
  • What kind of core did Harry’s first wand possess?
    • Phoenix Feather
  • Who of the following was not a classmate of Harry Potter?
    • Fleur Delacour
  • What was the name of the house where the Weasleys once lived, which became a second home to Harry Potter?
    • The Burrow
  • What kind of pest repellent was Hagrid looking for when he saw Harry in Knockturn Alley?
    • Flesh-Eating Slugs
  • Who left the lightning-shaped scar on Harry Potter’s forehead?
    • Voldemort
  • What creature sat in the corner of Professor Lupin’s office the first time Harry Potter visited him at Hogwarts?
    • Grindylow
  • How long is Harry Potter’s wand?
    • 11 inches
  • What book did Hermione lend Harry before his first Quidditch match?
    • Quidditch Through the Ages
  • What did Professor Snape tell Harry could Detoxify people from most kinds of poisons?
    • Bezoar

Hogwarts And Other Harry Potter Characters Answer List

  • In 1997, what was written on the statue at the Ministry of Magic under Voldemort’s control?
    • Magic is Might
  • Who put an end to Nagini?
    • Neville Longbottom
  • Who is the most troublesome?
    • Peeves
  • What was Gilderoy Lockhart’s best Spell?
    • Obliviate
  • Which dark magic item is known as the friend of thieves?
    • The Hand of Glory
  • Who destroyed the final Horcrux?
    • Neville Longbottom
  • Whose blood did Voldemort drink to stay alive?
    • Unicorn’s Blood
  • Who is the Half Blood Prince?
    • Severus Snape
  • From which word did the Mirror of Erised get its name?
    • Desire
  • Which subject does Professor McGonagall teach?
    • Transfiguration
  • What is used to track House Points for the Hogwarts House Cup?
    • Hourglasses filled with gems
  • Who did not compete in the Triwizard Tournament?
    • Fred
  • How many siblings does Ron Weasley have?
    • Six
  • Who killed Sirius Black?
    • Bellatrix LaStrange
  • What was the name of Sirius Black’s furry alter ego?
    • Padfoot
  • What form does the Weasley Twins’ Patronus take?
    • Magpie
  • Where did Dumbledore and Grindelwald make the Blood Pact?
    • Barn
  • Which Ghost haunts the Girls’ Bathroom at Hogwarts?
    • “Moaning” Myrtle Warren
  • What does the house with the highest score win?
    • House Cup

This list of History of Magic questions and answers for Harry Potter Magic Awakened will keep updating with new additions, so make sure to bookmark it. And if you are interested in HPMA guides, then also read our QnA list of Muggle Studies.