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MHR Sunbreak Anomaly Investigations Explained

Learn what are Anomaly Investigations in MHR Sunbreak from this guide.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the latest expansion that was introduced into the game. This expansion brought a whole new set of Quests for Endgame players. In this expansion, Anomaly Investigations were added. These Anomaly Investigations are a part of the Anomaly Research Quests. In this guide, I will show you what Anomaly Investigations are in MHR Sunbreak.

What is Anomaly Investigations in MHR Sunbreak

anomaly investigations mhr sunbreak

Anomaly Investigations are a part of the Anomaly Research Quests that show a list of the endgame Monsters for MHR Sunbreak. The Monsters in this list of Anomaly Investigations are afflicted by Qurio’s influence under the Control of Malenzo. These Monsters are tough and have gone Berserk. Anomaly Quests are Quests that will tell you to Slay the mentioned Monster. Anomaly Investigations will tell you to find the Monster in the given conditions. In short, they are reconnaissance & kill types of Quests.

There is a bit of RNG in their completion. You will need to complete your highest level Anomaly Investigation to get a higher level Investigation. If you haven’t done any of the Anomaly Quest before then it will take you time to get to your Max Limit. You can counteract it by finding these Anomaly Investigations in Multiplayer. Get in, slay the Monster and you will get an Anomaly Investigation a level higher than the Investigation you just did. Keep doing this till you reach A5 Monsters, these are the Afflicted Monsters that will drop rarer & more valuable Loot.

Anomaly Investigations will also upgrade your Anomaly Research Lab and give you better Loot & Gear. The more you do it, the stronger your Character will become. This is a bit grindy and involves a lot of RNG. So to avoid it, do go on Multiplayer Anomaly Investigations for the Monsters you have unlocked.

This was all about Anomaly Investigations in MHR Sunbreak. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Get A Torpor Sac in MHR Sunbreak.