Anime Crossover Defense Trello Link and Discord Server

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Anime-themed games are currently incredibly popular within the Roblox community and Anime Crossover Defense is one such experience with 3.1M+ visits. If you’re planning to dive into the game, it’s best to know all the basics about the gameplay, enemy types, traits, and more beforehand. That’s where these Anime Crossover Defense Trello and Discord links will come in handy.

A Trello page is where you’ll find lots of information about a game, added officially by the developers. This includes but is not limited to, general information like currency, crystals list, and artifacts list, to more details like a Unit tier list, upgrade paths as well as upcoming Units.

Plus, a Discord server will help you connect with fellow players and get announcements about Roblox Anime Crossover Defense instantly. Here’s how to get started.

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Anime Crossover Defense Trello Link

The developers will consistently update this page for players so you can keep heading back there to stay up-to-date. Here’s a gist of information available on the Trello page.

Anime Crossover Defense Trello page

What are the enemy types in Anime Crossover Defense?

At the time of writing this article, the enemy types include Attacking, Shielded, Flying, Sprinting, Split, Transform, and Bosses.

  • Attacking – These enemies will attack your units and stun them, making them unable to attack.
  • Shielded – For every 1 shield, these enemies absorb one instance of damage.
  • Flying – Flying enemies cannot be hit by normal units and so, you need an aerial unit to fight them.
  • Sprinting – If shielded, these enemies may or may not sprint after shield breaking.
  • Split – These foes split into a cluster of enemies on death.
  • Transform – As the name suggests, this enemy type transforms upon reaching a certain threshold of HP.
  • Bosses – Bosses may or may not attack your units and stun them.

What are the Currencies in ACD?

There are two types of currencies in Anime Crossover Defense – gems and crystals.

  • Gems can be earned by collecting units and redeeming them in the collections tab, quests, stages etc.
  • Crystals cannot be earned, but only purchased by spending Robux.

What are the Traits in this game?

While more traits can be added later, the ones available right now are mentioned below, along with their official descriptions.

Impossible (0.2%)

  • Omnipotent: Increase Damage by 140%, Speed and Range by 10%, but reduce the Unit’s max placement amount to 1.
  • Doppelganger: Increase unit placement amount by 1, Damage by 50%, Range by 25%, Speed by 10% and 10% Cost Reduction
  • CEO: Increase Coin Generation by 30%, Cost Reduction by 25%, Range by 40%, Damage by 20% and Speed by 10%

Mythical (1%)

  • Innovator: Increases coin generation by 25%, cost reduction by 10%, range by 25%, and speed by 10%.
  • Nanomachines: Increases damage by 25%, range by 15% and speed by 15%
  • Lightspeed: Increases speed by 25%

Legendary (5%)

  • Super Sonic: Increases speed by 15%
  • Hawkeye: Increases range by 50%
  • Radiant: Increases damage by 10%

Epic (30%)

  • Range: Increases range by 5%
  • Speed: Increases speed by 5%
  • Strength: Increases damage by 5%

Anime Crossover Defense Discord Link

Anime Crossover Defense Discord Fish Bean Studio

Here’s the official Roblox Anime Crossover Defense Discord link ( since the game is developed by Fish Bean Studio.

This is where you will be able to talk to fellow players as well as get some sneak peeks and important announcements like new codes, changes, and information about new content being released.

That was everything about Roblox Anime Crossover Defense Trello page and Discord links. For more Trello links for other Anime games on the platform, explore more articles on Gamer Tweak.