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Animal Crossing New Leaf Katt Best Gift Guide

Want to know which gifts Katt likes the most? Then check out this extensive list on all the gifts she likes in Animal Crossing.

Katt is a tough, yet caring sisterly villager in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She can be befriended easily and can give players great fighting tips. She is helpful and ever-ready to be of any assistance to the player once befriended. In this article, we will show you the gifts that Katt likes in Animal Crossing.

What Gifts does Katt Like in Animal Crossing New Leaf?


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Best Non-Rock, Non-Official and Purple Gifts for Katt

This is a list of the gifts that have Katt’s favorite color, but a disliked style.


Bad Plaid Shirt top yellow purple
Bad Plaid Tee top yellow purple
Beaded Shirt top purple black
Beaded Tank top purple black
Big-Star Tee top yellow purple
Blue Diamond Shirt top pink purple
Corseted Shirt top purple black
Dazed Shirt top pink purple
Dazed Tee top pink purple
Floral Knit Tee top purple white
Four-Ball Tee top purple purple
Funky-Dot Tank top pink purple
Funky-Dot Tee top pink purple
Future Tank top yellow purple
Genie Shirt top aqua purple
Genie Vest top aqua purple
Grape Tank top green purple
Grape Tee top green purple
Grape-Stripe Shirt top purple purple
Grape-Stripe Tee top purple purple
Jester Shirt top yellow purple
Jester Tank top yellow purple
Nebula Shirt top purple white
Nebula Tee top purple white
New Spring Tee top blue purple
No. 5 Shirt top yellow purple
Painter’s Shirt top purple white
Painter’s Tee top purple white
Paw Tee top pink purple
Periwinkle Tee top blue purple
Picnic Shirt top pink purple
Picnic Tee top pink purple
Purple Tie-Dye Tank top purple white
Purple Tie-Dye Tee top purple white
Relay Tank top yellow purple
Sharp Outfit top purple white
Splendid Tee top orange purple
Tropical Tank top red purple
Tropical Tee top red purple
Winter Sweater top purple white
Creepy Cauldron furniture green purple
Eggplant Cow furniture purple purple
Hammock furniture purple purple
Harvest Bed furniture pink purple
Harvest Bureau furniture pink purple
Harvest Chair furniture pink purple
Harvest Clock furniture pink purple
Harvest Dresser furniture pink purple
Harvest Lamp furniture pink purple
Harvest Mirror furniture pink purple
Harvest Sofa furniture pink purple
Harvest Table furniture pink purple
Harvest TV furniture pink purple
Harvest Wall Lamp furniture pink purple
Incense Burner furniture purple black
Papa Panda furniture pink purple
Pink Velvet Stool furniture purple brown
Spooky Bed furniture orange purple
Spooky Table furniture orange purple
Violet Screen furniture purple purple
Zodiac Dragon furniture green purple
Zodiac Monkey furniture purple brown
Zodiac Rat furniture purple white
Cityscape Wall wallpaper purple

Best Rock and Non-Purple Items for Katt

These gifts feature Katt’s favorite styles, but not her favorite colors in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


Acid-Washed Jacket top blue gray
After-School Jacket top red black
Arctic-Camo Shirt top gray gray
Arctic-Camo Tee top gray gray
BB Tee top white black
Black Letter Jacket top black black
Blue Letter Jacket top blue blue
Bone Shirt top white black
Cafe Tee top red white
Chain-Gang Shirt top blue white
Chain-Gang Tee top blue white
Checkerboard Shirt top red black
Checkerboard Tee top red black
Checkered Tee top white black
Circuit Tank top yellow green
Denim Vest top blue blue
Desert-Camo Shirt top beige brown
Desert-Camo Tee top beige brown
Dragon Jacket top blue colorful
Fish Tee top yellow black
Flame Shirt top red black
Flame Tee top red black
Jagged Tank top yellow aqua
Jagged Tee top yellow aqua
Jungle-Camo Shirt top green brown
Jungle-Camo Tee top green brown
Kanji Tee top green white
Leopard Tank top yellow brown
Leopard Tee top yellow brown
Lightning Tee top blue white
Pleather Vest top black black
Pulse Shirt top yellow green
Pulse Tank top yellow green
Red Letter Jacket top red red
Rugby Shirt top yellow blue
Rugby Tee top yellow blue
Skull Shirt top white black
Skull Tee top white black
Spiderweb Tee top white black
Tiger Tank top yellow black
Tiger Tee top yellow black
U R Here Tee top red white
Varia Suit top orange orange
Zebra Tank top white black
Zebra Tee top white black
Zipper Shirt top white black
Zipper Tank top white black
Amp furniture black black
Arcade Machine furniture colorful white
Billiard Table furniture green brown
Bingo Wheel furniture yellow black
CD Shelf furniture brown colorful
Cement Mixer furniture yellow yellow
Colorful Wheel furniture colorful colorful
Dentist’s Chair furniture green white
Detour Arrow furniture red white
DJ’s Turntable furniture gray black
Drip Pail furniture aqua gray
Effects Rack furniture black black
Electric Guitar furniture red red
Handcart furniture red red
Iron Frame furniture red red
Jackhammer furniture red gray
Karaoke System furniture gray gray
Mahjong Table furniture green brown
Manhole Cover furniture gray gray
Metal Guitar furniture black black
Mic Stand furniture gray black
Oil Barrel furniture green green
Orange Cone furniture red red
Pinball Machine furniture colorful brown
Robo-Bed furniture blue white
Robo-Chair furniture white white
Robo-Clock furniture white white
Robo-Closet furniture white white
Robo-Dresser furniture white white
Robo-Lamp furniture green white
Robo-Sofa furniture blue white
Robo-Stereo furniture white white
Robo-Table furniture white white
Robo-TV furniture white white
Robo-Wall Clock furniture white white
Rock Guitar furniture green green
Sawhorse furniture red white
Steamroller furniture yellow black
Striped Cone furniture yellow black
Tabletop Game furniture brown black
Traffic Cone furniture red red
Virtual Boy furniture red black
Wall-Mounted Speaker furniture white black
Wave Breaker furniture gray gray
Wet-Road Sign furniture yellow black

As you can see from these lists, there are a large number of gifts Katt likes in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, making it really easy to gift her a variety of items.

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