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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How Do Wands Work?

Here's what wands do in Animal Crossing New Horizons and how to use wands to change your appearance by customized outfits on the go.

The best way to transform your appearance without going all the way home, anywhere on the map is by using wands in ACNH. In this game, keeping a wand in your character’s pocket will give you immediate access to change your outfit anytime. None of the Wands are customizable other than Mushroom Wands nor can they be bought from any store. They must be crafted using star fragments as the main common ingredient. Here’s more on what do wands do in Animal Crossing New Horizons and how to use them easily.

ACNH: What Do Wands Do?

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The Wand will change your appearance by transforming your outfit. You can equip Wand & by pressing A, select between 8 outfits put together by yourself and see the magic transformation immediately.

Wands won’t break no matter how many times you use them. You also have to note that Wands won’t replace your original clothes, but will act as a top visual layer over them. You won’t be able to remove any particular part of the selected outfit or the original outfit until you transform back to your original clothes. You can transform/revert to your original clothes whenever while using the wand, by pressing X.

How to Use a Wand?

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You can use dressers or wardrobes to create and edit wand outfits. Once an outfit is kept inside a wand slot, then any component of that outfit cannot be added in other wand slots, nor can be worn as a original outfit. To use outfits in wand slots you have to always keep the wand with you in your pocket. In case you drop the wand after your transformation, then you will go back to your previous outfit that you wore before the transformation.

Wand List

There are more than 20 wands you can craft:

  1. Bamboo wand
  2. Bug wand
  3. Bunny day wand
  4. Cherry-blossom wand
  5. Conductor wand
  6. Cosmos wand
  7. Fish wand
  8. Golden wand
  9. Hyacinth wand
  10. Ice wand
  11. Iron wand
  12. Lily wand
  13. Mums wand
  14. Ordinary Mushroom wand
  15. Pansy wand
  16. Red Mushroom wand
  17. Rose wand
  18. Shell wand
  19. Spooky wand
  20. Star wand
  21. Strange Mushroom wand
  22. Tree-branch wand
  23. Tulip wand
  24. Wedding wand
  25. White Mushroom wand
  26. Windflower wand
  27. Yellow Mushroom wand

That’s all there is to know about what do Wands do in ACNH (Animal Crossing New Horizons). It helps you transform into your favorite outfits at any point of the game, while you are anywhere in the world. This adds new unexplored fun and mechanisms to your ACNH gameplay.

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