Anesthesia Prapor Quest In Escape From Tarkov

Take a look at the locations to find the Sanitar's Trading posts to complete the Prapor Anesthesia quest in EFT.

In the early stages of Escape from Tarkov players will come across a Prapor quest known as Anesthesia. This is one of the discovery-type quests in which you have to find where Sanitar, the Doctor hangs out. However, as the game doesn’t hints towards any direction it is kind of tricky for the players to figure out everything by themselves. If you are struggling with the same issue, then we are here to help. Below we have mentioned all the details you need to know about this Anesthesia quest in EFT.

Escape From Tarkov Prapor Anesthesia Quest Guide

How Can I Complete Prapor Anesthesia Quest in Escape From Tarkov
Source Image: Map Genie

In Escape from Tarkov Prapor Anesthesia quest you’ll have to mark 3 trading posts on the Shoreline by using MS2000 Marker. After that survive and extract yourself from the following locations. These trading posts are found in 3 different places and can be pretty tricky to find. For your reference, below we have mentioned the exact location of the posts so you can complete the quest asap.

  1. First trading post is located between the east wing & west wing near an ambulance.
  2. Second trading post is located in the backyard of the cottage near a house.
  3. Third trading post is located in the Pier area in front of a Blue and white colored building.

As soon as you reach these locations one by one don’t forget to plant the MS2000 Marker. And then protect it for 30 seconds from the NPC or real enemies. If you don’t have the following device then simply head to Prapor and he will sell it to you for some in-game currencies. After you are done, escape & extract from the locations quietly and that’ll do the trick. Here’s a list of rewards you’ll get for the quest completion.

  • +0.04 Prapor Reputation
  • +18,100 EXP
  • x1 AS Val 9×9 Special AR
  • x100 9x39mm SPP gs
  • x100 9x39mm SP-6 gs
  • +50,000 Roubles

With that said, this is all you need to know about how you can complete the Anesthesia Prapor quest in Escape From Tarkov (EFT). While you are here check out how to know the latest Tarkov ban list.