Gacha Life 2 Android Release Date – When Does It Come Out?

Is Gacha Life 2 available for Android Users? This highly anticipated sequel has been making news due to its release date. In this RPG, players can customize their very own anime characters and dress them up in their favorite outfits. Along with these features, the game also allows the players to create their own stories by using Studio Mode.

It is the perfect amalgamation of anime and creativity. Using the game’s immense features you can create your own little world, and bring all your imaginary stories to life. In this guide, we will discuss the release date of Gacha Life 2 on Android.

When Does Gacha Life 2 Release On Android? Gacha Life 2 Release Date

Android Release Date Gacha Life 2

Many Gacha Life Fans have been patiently waiting for the release of the sequel since Lunime Games made an announcement in January 2023, stating the game will be released in October 2023 on Android and iOS. However, the game seems to be available only for iOS users. This leaves us to believe that it will be available to Android users soon.

This news has caused a lot of frustration among the remaining players, who have yet to experience the pleasure of playing the game. Gacha Life fans have addressed their grievances on different social media platforms, as well. Although they are not able to download and play the sequel, on Play Store, Android Users have the ‘Pre-Registration’ option. After you have pre-registered for this app, you will get a notification when it will be available to install.

Developer’s announcement regarding the delay

All Gacha Life users were relieved when Lunime Games released an announcement regarding the much-talked-about delay. The Developer apologized for the inconvenience that was caused due to this situation and said they are working on resolving this issue, and Android users can expect to play the game soon. Lunime also assured fans that they will take all the necessary measures and prepare better for future game updates.

This is everything you need to know about Gacha Life 2 releasing on Android. Until then, you can occupy your time by checking out the Best Mobile Games and Best Gacha games to play on Android.