What Are Ancient Hunts In Minecraft Dungeons?

Trying to unlock valuable loot in Minecraft Dungeons? Check out our guide on Ancient Hunts to get started.

Hunting for the best gear while you fight your way through caves full of dangerous Mobs is what Minecraft Dungeons is all about. Players can explore the game’s world through various missions and even travel to different Dimensions. For players who want a challenge and are looking to collect some valuable gear, Ancient Hunts are just what they need. But what are Ancient Hunts and how do you start them in Minecraft Dungeons? Let’s take a look.

Minecraft Dungeons: What Are Ancient Hunts?

what are ancient hunts in Minecraft dungeons

Ancient Hunts are end-game missions that players can embark on to collect valuable loot and items in Minecraft Dungeons. Initially added in the Flames of the Nether expansion for the game, Ancient Hunts have procedurally generated maps that can change with every new attempt.

Unlike the other missions in the game, players can start an Ancient Hunt whenever they are ready, but there is a price to be paid.

How to Start Ancient Hunts

To start a hunt, players can make their way to the Nether Cave which can be found under the camp next to the Piglin Merchant. Here you’ll have to offer up any of your weapons, armor, and even Enchantment Points to start an Ancient Hunt.

Once you select the items, they will be permanently destroyed, so be cautious of your choices. The type of gear you sacrifice plays a huge part in the kind of Mobs that will spawn in the Hunt. Better gear leads to stronger Mobs which can drop rarer items.

Giving up gear permanently to play a difficult mission might sound like a bad deal but it’s nothing compared to the rewards you can earn. Ancient Hunts are the only way players can collect Gilded Gear, the highest rarity of gear in the game.

It is important to note that Ancient Hunts are meant to be end-game maps that you play to earn stronger variants of gear and other rare items. So naturally these maps are notoriously difficult to finish. Players will have to reach Default V or higher in the Mainland missions to unlock Ancient Hunts.

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