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Among Us Sequel | Crew Size, Pricing and Release Date

Among Us sequel release is on the verge. Here are all the details about Among Us 2 crew members, maps, crews, cheat codes, hacks & more.

Among Us 2 is in the making and it is already making headlines all over the world. If you have been a regular of Among Us and have been looking forward to the sequel, we’ve got every detail covered for you in this guide.


Among Us 2 Release Date

Among Us was developed by Innersloth Studios and they’re already planning for a sequel as Among Us doesn’t allow for such changes to be made to the game without breaking it completely.

Innersloth devs assured players that Among Us 2 is in the works and while the game is still in the ideation phase and it took 6 months for Among Us to enter the open beta phase and another 6 months to leave it

Among Us has already started cramming the servers that went from having 30-50 players online to now having 70000-110000 players online worldwide concurrently.

among us 2 details

Among Us sequel is also aiming to be bigger than Among Us and more flexible than what we’re seeing right now. While the game does not allow such changes to the original game, Among Us 2 is aimed at being more flexible and malleable.


Among Us 2  Crew Size

The devs wrote in the blog that crew size is something that they’re working on and they will make sure that more crew are added to the game with even more roles than just crewmates and imposter.

This will certainly bring more replayability and with the addition of more maps and content, it will always feel like a fresh new game.

Among Us 2 Price

Among Us on PC costs $5 and is free on mobile with ads, this model though very lucrative, cannot be sustained and there will be a marginal increase in the price of the game. We’re expecting Among Us 2 to have a price point of $10-$15 at launch.


The mobile version of Among Us sequel will remain to be free on the App Store but players can always turn off the ads option or buy cosmetics.

Among Us 2 isn’t coming out in the near future but it looks like there will be more deceit and lies in 2021 when Among Us does come out.

Update: As of just a couple of hours back, InnerSloth the team behind Among Us stated that due to the current demand and affection for the game, they won’t be releasing Among Us 2, rather will focus on the original game with new content coming out in the near future.