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Best Roles In Among Us Tier List

Here are the best roles to get from our Among Us Roles Tier List.

Roles are a game mechanic in Among Us that can be chosen at random or provided under particular conditions. Crewmate, Impostor, scientist, shapeshifter, engineer, guardian angel, and ghost are the seven roles currently available in Among Us. Each job has its own set of skills and mechanics. Impostors, for example, have access to Kill, Sabotage, and Vent. So today let’s look at the best role in Among Us Roles Tier List.


Among Us Roles Tier List

New Among Us Roles Tier List

Here are the best roles you can take in Among Us Tier List:

Among Us Roles Tier List
Tiers Roles
S Tier Engineer
S Tier Shapeshifter
A Tier Guardian Angel
B Tier Scientist
C Tier Impostor
D Tier Crewmate
F Tier Ghost

Among Us Roles Ability Notes and Exclusive Mechanics

Here are the exclusive abilities of all Among Us Roles:

Name Exclusive Abilities
Shapeshifter Change your color and accessories of a Crewmate.
Engineer Can move through vents like imposters.
Guardian Angel Cover another player with a protective shield to save them from imposters.
Scientist You can access Vitals anytime on the map.
Crewmate The common role, same as before.
Impostor Can kill cremates, and move through vents.
Ghost Dead Crewmates. Move through walls.

Engineers can travel through vents, and with some smart planning can catch the imposters red-handed. Onlt downside is that other players might think that you are an imposter due to your ability to travel through vents. Shapeshifters can easily manipulate the entire team by taking on the looks of another player. At right hands, Shapeshifters can easily pick out Crewmates one by one and win the game.

That’s everything you need to know about Among Us Roles Tier List. For more Among us guides related to the newest updates, check out our linked section.