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How To Fix Among Us Google Auth No Token Error

Here's a quick guide on how to sign in Among Us and fix Google Auth No Token error.

The developer of Among Us keeps rolling out new updates. They have recently added a new map called ‘Airship’ but since then there are numerous players have been having trouble accessing Among Us on their Android and iOS devices.

As we all know, whenever we install Among Us and start playing it on mobile, we are asked to use a Google Play account to log in to the game. However, for a few days, there are thousands of Among Us players who reported that they are having Google Auth No Token issue when trying to play it on their Mobile phones.

If you too want to explore Among Us Airship map but having a ‘Google Auth No Token’ issue while starting the game on phone then don’t worry, we have a guide covering its solution in the simplest way possible.

Google Auth No Token Error: How To Sign In Among Us

It is straightforward to fix Among Us Google Auth No Token issue. However, if you don’t know how to resolve it then follow these simple steps.

To fix Among Us Google Auth No Token issue, you simply need to restart the game and use a quest account rather than a Google Play account. Despite using this trick, if the error remains, make sure to re-install Among Us and log in using a guest account (via the “Free Play” option).

After going to the ‘Free Play’ tab, you will have to select the “Airship” or any desired map that you want to enjoy in Among Us.

The reason why people are unable to sign into Among Us and having Google Auth No Token issue is accounts are not working on Google Play. The developer quoted as saying to Gosunoob, “We’ve been chasing Google in addition to working on this but no joy so far (high priority, but unsure how much is in our hands here.) Still waiting on Google.”

As of now,  this is the only way to fix Among Us Google Auth No Token issue until the developer of the game patches everything up.

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