How To Play Among Us Airship Map On Nintendo Switch Early

Here's how to get the new Among Us Airship Map on the Nintendo Switch. Use this glitch to play this map earlier than others.

Although the craze of Among Us seems to have cooled down a little, that doesn’t mean the game isn’t getting any updates. Quite the opposite, really, because the new Among Us Airship Map is making players quite excited to explore the map. Interestingly, Nintendo Switch players can actually play the map before others due to a glitch. Want to know how to play Among Us Airship Map on Nintendo Switch early? Find out in this guide.

How to Get Among Us Airship Map on Nintendo Switch?

image credit: ProsafiaGaming

Here’s how to access the Among Us Airship map on Switch easily.

  • First, you have to create a local game.
  • Then, head to the laptop and choose the Game tab.
  • Next, choose the Airship map.
  • Leave the lobby you just created.
  • Now create a new game with those same settings online. Don’t change any settings at all.
  • When you get a minimum of four players, start playing the game.
  • Due to the bug, other players will end up leaving the game but you can take a look around.

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This glitch will surely give players an upper hand because they will get acquainted with the map before others. With more exploration time, you can understand the best areas to kill players in, use the vents, know the new tasks and basically give you an advantage. Note that this glitch only works on the Nintendo Switch.

That’s everything on how to play Among Us Airship Map on the Nintendo Switch earlier than other player with the help of a glitch. Thanks to ProsafiaGaming for the video that let us know of this glitch.

If you are not interested in this new map and prefer playing on the existing ones, we’ve got guides with some of the best strategies to use. Plus, here’s a list of the funniest Among Us names to keep in the game to impress other players.