Saltpeter Location In Amnesia: Rebirth

Saltpeter in Amnesia: Rebirth is a key ingredient to make gunpowder during blow up fort mission. Check out the location of saltpeter

Saltpeter in Amnesia: Rebirth is a key ingredient to make the gunpowder to blow up the fort door. It can be difficult to get as you will need to enter the fort once again. If you’re having trouble finding the saltpeter, maybe we could chime in and help you with this nice little guide.

Where To Find Saltpeter In Amnesia: Rebirth

Saltpeter is a key ingredient and one of the best items that you will find in Amnesia: rebirth that has only one purpose which is to make gunpowder. While the other two ingredients to prepare gun powder can be found in the arsenal itself, the third particularly Saltpeter will have you enter the Fort once again.

Worry not, as the demon that was chasing you moments prior will be gone now and all you have to do is go to the room above where you found the radio.

When you enter the fort, for the second time, take the stairs on the left and head up. From there follow the corridor until it takes you to another hallway that separates on the left. Now, go to that area and in the end, you will find the Quartermaster’s Store. Saltpeter in Amnesia: Rebirth is stored in an orange can so make sure that you grab it and nothing else.

where to find saltpeter in amnesia rebirth

Inside this store, there are only a bunch of items but one key item on the shelf is the Saltpeter. Grab is and that’s all you have to do. Once you the saltpeter, all you have to do is head out and get to the tank and that’s about it.

The Fort works and acts differently on both your visits to it, so make sure that you survive it for the first time and the second run through will be like a piece of cake. This is all there is to know about where to find saltpeter in Amnesia: Rebirth.

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