Amazon Is Developing A Lord Of The Rings MMOG With Leyou Studios

Amazon Game Studios have announced that they are bringing a new free to play MMOG based on The Lord of the Rings, this will be a collaborative effort with Leyou and the new game will be for both PC and Console gamers.

Amazon will be working in collaboration with Athlon Games a subsidiary publishing arm, to bring the Lord of the Rings game, they are working on a TV series for the same title as well which is currently in production.

The game promises to give players an “A new, immersive game experience for epic exploration of the vast world of Tolkien”. Amazon has set up a team of industry veterans who have worked on previous games like EverQuest, Destiny, Planetside, World of Warcraft, Defiance, and Rift, etc.

Though there is no word as to when the game will be launched but it is said to be in the near future,

“This collaboration combines Amazon’s game technology and the talented MMO developers at Amazon Game Studios with Leyou’s expertise in designing free-to-play games and operating live-service games.”

Leyou has been working on other AAA F2P titles in recent times and will collaborate with Amazon Game Studios for this new title.

We will keep updating on this as and when there is new information is released.

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