How To Unlock The Altar Of Mirages Domain In Genshin Impact

Find out how to unlock one of the three new domains deep under the Hypostyle Desert

The 3.1 Update of Genshin Impact is out and it has brought us loads of different new things to try in the already massive open-world of Teyvat. Besides the new weapons, quests and areas to explore, the MMORPG has added three new Domains. These are the Garden of Endless Pillars, Red Desert Threshold and the Altar of Mirages. Now these Domains are tucked away in secret locations on the map and require players to complete a number of different quests and puzzles to unlock them for the rewards. One of these, the Altar of Mirages, is particularly a little tricky to access and has been quite a struggle for a lot of players. So in this guide we will explain step-by-step how you can unlock the Altar of Mirages Domain in Genishin Impact.

How to Open The Altar Of Mirages Domain in Genshin Impact

Now before you go looking for the Domain itself, there are a few requirements to be met. In order to unlock the Altar of Mirages, you first need to complete the Golden Slumber quest by talking to Bomifaz in the Aaru Village. During this quest, you will get access to the Scarlet Slumber Slate which is a relic that essentially acts as a keycard for you to get access to the Domain. Make sure you have activated all the hieroglyphs on the Slate to get clearance for all the doors it can open. You also need to make sure you have an Adventure Rank of 28 or more.

Genshin Impact How To Unlock The Altar Of Mirage Domain

Once you have all the pre-requisites to unlock the Domain, head over to Khemenu Temple in Hypostyle Desert, Sumeru using the Teleport Waypoint. After spawning in, follow the steps below:

  • Head East towards the central room of the temple and then turn right towards the next room.
  • Upon entering the room, you need to make your way to the far back of the room behind the debris ruins.
  • You will see a large door with a glowing keypost next to it. Interact with this post to open the door and enter into the next room.
  • In the next room you will see a large hole in the floor. Now you need to jump down towards the dungeons. But make sure to break your momentum as it is a pretty steep fall.
  • Once you touch the floor, you should see a large door to your West. This is the entrance to the Altar of Mirages Domain.

Now you can interact with the doorway to unlock the Altar of Mirages Domain in Genshin Impact. If you found this article helpful and want more related content, check out this guide on how to increase clearance.

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