Diablo 4: Altar Of Cleansing (Explained)

Wondering how you can remove the Bloodmark in the game? Check out this guide to know how the Altar Of Cleansing works.

Diablo 4 PvP sets out to be a different experience for players with new mechanics and concepts. In the mode, players will be able to go against other players as well as PvE mobs with their favorite character builds. Though before you enter the PvP arena with the build of your choice there are some things to keep in mind. And one such aspect of the game is the Altar Of Cleansing. These are the points of interest that players can interact inside the Fields Of Hatred in D4. But how exactly do they help players? Don’t worry, check out our guide that explains everything about the Altar Of Cleansing in Diablo 4.

What is the Altar Of Cleansing in Diablo 4

altars of cleansing in d4

The Altar of Cleansing in D4 is used to cleanse or remove the Bloodmark. The Bloodmark is required to engage in combat with other players in the PvP arena. You can interact with the statue to remove your mark. Once done, you won’t be able to engage with other players in combat nor they would be able to attack you in the Fields of Hatred. This is an important mechanic as it allows players to end their PvP as the arena can sometimes turn out to be even more difficult.

Having said that, if you feel like needing a challenge in D4, here’s how you can get Bloodmarked and engage in PvP interactions.

How to Get Mark for Blood in Diablo 4

mark for blood in diablo 4

Once you are ready for the combat, you can enable the Mark For Blood in Diablo 4 to fight against other players. You can open your Emote wheel to get Mark for Blood.

Follow the below steps:

  • To do so press E on the keyboard or Up on D-pad on the controller
  • Select the customize option below the wheel
  • Find the Mark for Blood emote and assign it to the wheel
  • There are 3 emote wheels, so you can assign them accordingly in the game.
  • Once done, you are ready to engage in combat with other players in the game.

We recommend you grind hard in your campaign first before entering the PvP mode. This will help you acquire the right equipment and builds for your character. Once you reach a sufficient level you can enter the arena and engage in combat with other players.

That’s everything covered about the Altar of Cleansing in Diablo 4. If you are wondering how you can farm Red Dust & Seeds of Hatred in the game, you can check this guide, and for more guides like these take a look at our dedicated Diablo 4 section.