Almost A Hero Artifacts Guide

Check out this guide to know everything there is about artifacts in Almost A Hero.

Almost a Hero features an epic idle adventure where you will have to assemble a bunch of underdogs and transform them into true legends while going through different runs of deadly dungeons and seasonal challenges. And as you progress further, you will be introduced to some unique alchemy called Artifacts which will in turn make things much less deadly and help you reach the farther stages of the adventure mode.

For players looking to reap more and more rewards and unlock different stages quickly, it will be important to craft them and have the bonuses required. However, artifacts in Almost a Hero can be quite difficult to grasp. So if you are looking to learn more about them and want to make your underdog heroes a force to reckon with in the adventure mode, then here is a complete guide you should check out further.

What are Artifacts in Almost a Hero?

What Are Artifacts In Almost A Hero?
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Players can use Artifacts in Almost a Hero to significantly improve and power up their stats. This in turn will help you transform your underdog heroes and unlock the further stages in the game without any hassle. There are two types of artifacts that you can craft using the Mythstones at your disposal, these are Regular and Mythical.

While Regular Artifacts slots are available for players at the start of their journey through the adventure mode, the Mythical Artifacts slots are unlocked after stage 585 in Almost a Hero. Players will start their journey with 4 artifact slots in the game.

Regular Artifacts

Regular Artifacts in Almost a Hero are crafted using Mythstones and provide different core and unique bonuses. It is worth mentioning that to craft Regular Artifacts, players will need to have slots unlocked.

Since you will have four at the beginning, you will be able to craft four artifacts as you progress through the game and collect Mythstones. You will be able to unlock more slots as you progress through your journey.

There are five rarities of regular artifacts namely Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. Each of these artifacts has a core bonus set up which you won’t be able to change and reroll. Here are all the core bonuses that artifacts might possess:

  • Global Gold Bonus – It will increase the gold gained from all sources.
  • Ring Damage – It will increase the damage your ring deals in the game.
  • Hero Damage – It will increase the damage your heroes deal.
  • Global Health Bonus – It will increase your global health in the game.

Similarly, each rarity of artifact can be upgraded further using Mythstones in the game. After a certain level, these can be evolved to have more unique bonuses that will help you unlock stages more easily. It is worth mentioning that there is a soft cap for leveling up the artifacts at level 200.

Players can reroll these unique bonuses for their artifacts with Mythstones in Almost a Hero. You will then be assigned a random bonus while discarding the old bonus from the artifact.

Mythical Artifacts

Since there is a soft cap for regular artifacts, you will be able to craft Mythical ones that will raise that cap even further. As mentioned before, Mythical Artifacts are unlocked at stage 585 and can be crafted by players using Mythstones itself. These artifacts provide players with special powers and effects that can be used during their journey.

There are 27 Mythical Artifacts available for players to craft in the game. The amount of Mythstones required to craft the artifacts is increased each time, making them much more difficult to obtain.

It is worth mentioning that Mythical Artifacts in Almost a Hero appear in a predetermined order. Here is a list of all the artifacts that you can get your hands on according to their order:

  • DPS Matter
  • Life Boat
  • Broken Teleporter
  • Auto Transmuter
  • Free Exploiter
  • Custom Tailor
  • Lazy Finger
  • Goblin Lure
  • Half Ring
  • Shiny Object
  • Large Artifact Tuner
  • Old Crucible
  • Fixed Teleporter
  • Corpus Imperium
  • Bodily Harm
  • Blunt Relic
  • Impatient Relic
  • Band-aid Relic
  • Charming Adventure
  • Champion’s Bounty
  • Crest of Usefulness
  • Crest of Sturdiness
  • Crest of Violence
  • Discount Coupon
  • Death Cheater
  • Dig Dig
  • Curio Hoard
  • Nature’s Fury
  • Nature’s Shelter
  • Nature’s Guidance
  • Rings’ Adventure
  • Pets’ Adventure
  • Quintet

Best Mythical Artifacts in Almost a Hero

Best Mythical Artifacts In Almost A Hero
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With the plethora of Mythical Artifacts available, it can be quite difficult to determine which are the best ones. Not to mention, you will only have limited slots to equip your artifacts and get those unique bonuses. Here we have listed some of the best mythical artifacts that you can slot in:

Custom Tailor

Custom Tailor manages artifacts and manages to multiply the gold, health, and damage bonus from your hero items by 1.2. It can be further upgraded to level 300. The artifact is also one of the earliest ones that you can get your hands on in the game.

Any Relic Artifact

Relic Artifacts like Blunt, Impatient, and Band-Aid are some of the most helpful artifacts that you can get your hands on in Almost a Hero. Each of these relics provides the chance to drop a power-up from dead enemies which can in turn significantly accelerate ultimate cooldowns, increase non-crit damage, or heal alive heroes in the game.

Corpus Imperium

Corpus Imperium increases all the heroes’ health by 5.42% in the game. This can be quite useful since most of the further stages will get increasingly difficult for players.

Half Ring

The Half Ring artifact will let you deal more damage to enemies from the ring. The enemies will take around 0.85% more damage which can be a significant increase. It also gives your ring a 5% chance to deal 20% more damage to the enemy.

Free Exploiter

For players looking to have a free upgrade for their heroes or rings, this artifact will help you do just that. The Free Exploiter artifact works in such a way that after upgrading your hero or ring with gold, there is a 21% chance that the next upgrade might just be free in the game.

Auto Transmuter

This artifact will help you gain more gold from enemies after not using the ring for some time. Auto Transmuter can be a wise choice for some who want to deal raw damage rather than using the rings.

Curio Hoard

This artifact which will possibly be the last one you unlock will multiply the hero’s health and damage by 1.2 times the amount of different trinket effects equipped in adventure mode.

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