AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries Guide: How To Reach Vinland & Return To England

Here's a list of all Mysteries in the Vinland region of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide, we will be explaining everything about Vinland. Yes, we will teach you many things about Vinland such as how to reach Vinland, how to return to England and all Mysteries that you can find in the Vinland region of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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How to get to Vinland?

AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries Guide

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has plenty of regions to explore. One of them is Vinland. Unlike other regions, you can’t visit Vinland at the beginning of the game. You will not find it in the atlas used to select the lands.

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To get to Vinland, you will have to reach a certain point in the plot. Specifically, you will have to complete the Lunden storyline, the one where you help Stowe and Erke and kill multiple members of the Ancient Order.

After returning back to Randvi in Ravensthorpe, you will have a Strange Land quest unlocked and find out that Hytham from the Hidden Office wants to have a conversation with you. While talking to you Hytham, you will get to know that the son of Kjotve, Gorm has managed to escape to Vinland.

AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries Guide

When you return to Randvi, you will find Vinland on the Alliance Map, which you can select it as another saga/quest line.

Notably, Vinland does not have the recommended region power. This means this that you can visit Vinland whenever you want. I highly recommended going to Vinland after upgrading rations by a few levels.

To go to Vinland, you must meet Nessa at the docks of Ravensthorpe and confirm your will to go on a few weeks’ journeys.

How to return to England?

AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries Guide

You can leave Vinland at any time. You simply need to do is to have a talk with Nessa or Hilde on the shore and confirm your wish to return to England. If you want to visit Vinland again, you can do it easily by calling the atlas in the map menu (press Triangle / Y). You can choose Vinland from the list of known lands.

AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries

There is a staggering number of Mysteries in Vinland. You can easily found them as Mysteries in Vinland are marked by blue icons on the map when the play synchronizes the viewpoints. These mysteries are kind of side quests.

If a player wants to get the “Territories for the Completionist All the Way” trophy or achievement then these side quests are a must for it.

Here’s a list of all of the mysterious you can find in the Vinland region of AC Valhalla:

Mystery #1: World Event

  • You will have to talk to the man in Nyhofn as he wants you to find someone.
  • This person is a character associated with Mystery #5, so make sure to complete it first.
  • Once you have found the person, go back to the village and talk to the man in Nyhofn.
  • When they play to leave, you will have to follow them.
  • During your travel, a wild animal will attack you.
  • When you kill the wild animal, the man will be pleased.
  • Return back to Nyhofn to complete the Mystery.

Mystery #2: World Event (A Dead Man’s Tale)

  • For this one, you will have to bring back the corpse to the woman in Nyhofn.

Mystery #3: Standing Stones

  • This is a puzzle in which you need to move the platforms from the middle first.

Mystery #4: Legendary Animal (O Yan Do’ Ne)

  • This is a Legendary Moose.
  • Equip your bare fists as it will deal a lot more damage than any weapon.

Mystery #5: World Event (Flight of Fancy)

  • First, you need to talk to the woman and then jump down below.
  • Lead the turkey back to the woman.
  • Now talk to her again to finish the Mystery.

Mystery #6: Cairn

  • It is a very simple puzzle which will directly give the mystery.

Mystery #7: World Event (Ursine Takeover)

  • Let the bears kill the man.

That’s all you need to know about Vinland.  While you are here, you might be interested in to read how to customize Raven appearancehow to change arrow in AC Valhalla.