AC Valhalla: How To Customize Raven Appearance

Want to know how to change the bird appearance in AC Valhalla? This is how to customize your Raven easily.

The presence of the Raven plays an important role in this game. You can use Raven’s eye view by switching to Raven mode and surveying locations for enemies, wealth and more. But what if you want to change the bird appearance? How to customize the Raven in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? If you are wondering the how to change its skin, we’ve got you covered.

How to Change Bird Appearance in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


This is how you can customize Raven in AC Valhalla:

  1. Build a Stable and Aviary first. The building cost of a stable in your settlement is 400 Supplies and 30 Raw Material.
  2. If you don’t want to build one yourself just yet, you can use the Stables present on the map that are indicated with a horse icon.
  3. Once you visit a Stable, talk to the Stable Master and ask to ‘See the shop’.
  4. Head to the tab named ‘Aviary’.
  5. Then, you will see the different options of Ravens you can purchase along with their description and cost.
  6. The skins can be worth up to 650 silver so make sure that you have enough.
  7. They will be in various colors and designs. Once you have chosen the Raven you want, you can follow the prompt to buy it.
  8. Voila! This is how to change the Raven skin in this game easily.


That’s everything you need to know about how to change the bird appearance and customize Raven in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Apart from this, the stable upgrade helps you with many things like giving your horse the swimming ability, training and upgrading your mounts, changing mounts etc. All of this costs money so keep some Silver handy at all times. If you want to get a Wolf Mount instead of a horse then there’s a way to do that as well. You will look super cool with it!

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