Diablo 4 Shrines & Buffs Explained

Wondering how the stat bonuses work for the different shrines in Diablo 4? Keep reading this guide to find out.

Shrines have been a staple part of the series and it makes it return to this game. And just like the previous ones, you can use Diablo 4 Shrines to get Buffs. These effects can be useful as some may give you better critical damage, higher attack speed, and at times even invulnerability. The game won’t let you choose what effects you get from a Shrine. But knowing which shrines give you what kind of buffs can still be pretty helpful.

All Shrines in Diablo 4 & their Effects

Diablo 4 Shrines and Buffs Working Explained

Interacting with the Shrine gives you a unique buff depending on the shrine you used. This effect will last for 30 seconds. Each shrine is also guaranteed to give you additional movement speed. And changing your gear or using Elixirs will allow you to prolong the movement speed buff.

The 7 main Shrines in Diablo 4 and their effects are:

  • Artillery Shrine
    • Gives you an increased Attack Speed buff. Your character even shoots holy arrows during when under its effect.
  • Blast Wave Shrine
    • This shrine gives you an AoE (Area of Effect) buff. Randomly cause explosions every few seconds. Any enemies with its range will take damage.
  • Channeling Shrine
    • This is hands down one of the best Shrines. Your skills don’t cost mana and their cooldowns are also greatly reduced. So for the next 30 seconds, you can spam your skills to your heart’s content.
  • Conduit Shrine
    • Transform into a ball of lightning. Each time you pass an enemy you damage them.
  • Greed Shrine
    • Attack enemies and they will drop gold. The bigger the enemy the more you will have to hit them which means more gold for you to collect.
  • Lethal Shrine
    • This shrine increases the damage effects of your skills by making you hit critical attacks.
  • Protection Shrine
    • Possibly the best shrine because it makes you invincible. You won’t take any attacks for the next 30 seconds. It will also cure any status effects on you.

How Emote Shrines (Faded Plaque) Works in Diablo 4

These are unique shrines that give you buffs but only if you solve their riddle by using the correct Emote.

  1. Go to the Shrine Statue and interact with it.
  2. It will give you a puzzling text. For example, it will say GREET…Death…open arms…
  3. Open your Emote wheel.
  4. Use the appropriate emote that fits the puzzle. So for the above example, you will use the Hello emote.
  5. Solving the Faded Plaque shrine correctly will give you a minor buff.

That’s it for how the Shrines & their Buff effects work in Diablo 4. For more help on this game don’t forget to check out our Diablo 4 section.

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