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Where To Find All Satellite Locations In Warzone

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Warzone Season 4 Satellite locations in Verdansk 84 will help players complete certain challenges, knowing the locations is one thing but landing safely can take a bit of luck and a whole lot of luck on your part. If you wish to know about the exact locations and how to complete the challenge, here’s everything that you need.

All SatelLite Locations In Verdansk In Warzone


There are a total of 4 satellite locations that you will need to land while playing Warzone to complete certain challenges, which are part of the Ground Fall event.

All Satellite Locations In Verdansk In Warzone

All Satellite Locations In Verdansk 84:


  • Krovnik Farmland
  • Bloc 18
  • Bloc 16
  • Gora Bridge
  1. Krovnik Farmland: This location is at the center of a crop field on the right-hand side of Farmland that you can see on the map.
  2. Bloc 18: Just underneath the Salt Mines, make sure to look for Array on the map and then jump right in.
  3. Bloc 16: Check out the Airport area on the map and just above it you will be able to see the Gora riverbed.
  4. Gora Bridge: Look for Promenade East and right to it, you should be able to see a bridge. You will find the downed satellite there.

If you’re still having a bit of difficulty in understanding the locations of each satellite, you should check out the map above for precise location.


Once you jump down to all of these locations, you will be able to complete the Ground Fall event which will open up more rewards and achievements for you in the game.

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