All Master Locations In Street Fighter 6

In Street Fighter 6, players can simply unlock a Master just by going to their respective locations. But if you want to train under all of them, then you will need to do some quests & missions. Unlocking all the masters is very recommended as by doing that you’ll not only learn new moves but also get some new cosmetics. However, the game doesn’t describe much about the whereabouts of the 18 playable characters and lets the player discover on their own. In this situation, there’s a chance that you might miss out on some optional masters. So if you don’t want that to happen then scroll down to check out the locations list of all SF6 Masters.

Where to Find Every Master in Street Fighter 6 (Locations)

How To Find & Unlock All Master In Street Fighter 6 (Locations)

Here’s a list of locations to find & unlock all the Master in Street Fighter 6. As mentioned above, some of the characters do not need any kind of quest or mission progression. And the game also features some optional ones for you to meet. With that being said, let’s dive right into it.

Masters How to Unlock Locations
Lily Chapter 4 -1 (The Spirit Guide quest) Thunderfoot Temple, Mexico
Dee Jay Chapter 6 (Meet the character at the mentioned location) Bathers Beach, Jamaica
Chun Li Chapter 2-1 (Meet the character at the mentioned location) Hong Hu Lu Chinatown – Metro City, USA
Marisa Chapter 3-3 (The Search of the Bag quest) Colosseo, Italy
Luke Unlocked Automatically Gym – Metro City, USA
Blanka Chapter 6-1 (Meet the character at the mentioned location) Ranger’s Hut, Brazil
Cammy Chapter 7-1 (Special Unit Del- quest) King Street, United Kingdom
E. Honda Chapter 8-4 (Big in Japan quest) Chanko House Edomon – Metro City, USA
Ken Chapter 8-3 (The Elusive Former National Champ quest) SiRN Building – Metro City, USA
Manon Chapter 7-3 (Extra quest) Fete Foraine, France
Kimberly Chapter 8-7 (High Flying Man) Downtown – Metro City, USA
Ryu Unlock E. Honda to unlock Japan & head to the mentioned location Genbu Temple, Japan
Guile Chapter 8-7 (Wear SiRN Lab Coat & go to the construction site) Carrier Byron Taylor, USA
Jamie Chapter 8-4 (Found on the rooftop of a building in the mentioned location) Hong Hu Lu Chinatown – Metro City, USA
JP Post Game – Unlocks after completing World Tour Mode Suval’hal Arena – Old Nayshall, Nayshall
Dhalsim Chapter 9-2 (Yoga Statue quest) Dhalsimer Temple, India
Zangief Chapter 9-2 (Hither and Tither quest) Barmaley Steelworks, Russia
Juri Chapter 12-1 (A Hardboiled Adventure quest) Back Alley – Old Nayshall, Nayshall

That’s everything you need to know about the locations to find all the Master Street Fighter 6. Don’t forget to check out the SF6 Mission & Quest list. Also, take a look at the ways to increase your Bond level with Masters easily.

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