All Animals And Creatures List In LEGO Fortnite

Looking for a list of all Animals and Creatures in LEGO Fortnite? Here’s everything you need.

LEGO Fortnite is all about the harsh environment and new game mechanics that it brings to the game. With a huge world in front of you, there are numerous animals and creatures that you will come across in LEGO Fortnite. Players can find some domestic animals and progressing further will bring out wild beasts like Spiders, Wolves and more.

While each animal or creature produces different kinds of loot, they are quite valuable in the long run. Players can easily farm some useful items once they find them. We have provided the areas along with each animal and creature so you would know where to go to find them.

All LEGO Fortnite Animals and Creatures Listed

All LEGO Fortnite Animals And Creatures Listed
Image Source: MonkeyKingHero (YT)

The LEGO Fortnite Animals and Creatures list is divided into friendly animals and wild beasts. While friendly animals are useful for items like Fertilizers, Egg, Milk, and more, the wild beasts will be quite hostile but will produce important loots like Silk, shells, and more.

Friendly Animals in LEGO Fortnite

These are all the friendly animals that you can try to befriend in the game to get the loot.

  • Chicken – Grasslands
  • Cows – Grasslands
  • Mountain Cow – Frostlands
  • Rams – Frostlands
  • Sheep – Grasslands

Hostile Creatures in LEGO Fortnite

Most of these creatures will attack you at sight and you will have to hunt them for any kind of loot.

  • Blaster – Dry Valley
  • Bone Wolf – Frostlands
  • Brute – Shores
  • Frost Brute – Frostlands
  • Frost Roller – Frostlands
  • Frost Scorpion – Frostlands
  • Frost Spider – Frostlands
  • Frost Wolf – Frostlands
  • Hermit Crab – Grasslands
  • Sand Brute – Dry Valley
  • Sand Roller – Dry Valley
  • Sand Scorpion – Dry Valley
  • Sand Spider – Dry Valley
  • Scorpion – Grasslands, Caves
  • Spiders – Grasslands, Caves
  • Stone Roller – Grasslands, Caves
  • Wolf – Grasslands

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