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All Armored Core 6 Leg Types: Bipedal, Tetrapod, Tank & Reverse Joint

Check out this guide to know all leg types that you can customize your AC with in Armored Core 6.

If you thought arm and back unit weapons were the last customization options available for your ACs, then you will be surprised to know that you would be able to choose between different leg types in Armored Core 6. And like other in-game mechanics and options, legs are of significant importance in the game. Different Leg Types consist of different abilities in AC6 that will bolster your defenses, increase speed, or even stabilize movements in the campaign. Not to mention, they also set the Current Load Limit for your mech accordingly. So if you are wondering about all the types and what exactly they provide in AC6, then here is a guide you should check out further.

List of All Leg Types in Armored Core 6

There are four leg types that you can unlock and customize your mech with in Armored Core 6. As mentioned earlier each of the type provide you with different stats in the game. Here are all the four leg types you will come across in AC6:

  • Bipedal Legs
  • Tetrapod Legs
  • Reverse Joint Legs
  • Tank Treads

Bipedal Legs

bipedal leg types in armored core 6

The Bipedal Legs closely resemble that of humans and are the default ones that players will come across in Armored Core 6. These Legs have good movement stabilization which makes them effective and easy to use type in the game. Players will be pretty happy with its use in both air and ground combat for their mechs. Bipedal legs have a low load limit and with all the customizations and heavy loadouts as you progress in the campaign, these might lose out on their advantage. Although they are good to use as a beginner and will give you the start required.

Tetrapod Legs

tetrapod legs in armored core 6

As the name suggests, Tetrapod Leg types will let you have four of them on your mech in AC6. Along with a good load limit, these types of legs will reduce the weapon recoil significantly in the game. Making them of the best choices for large weapon loadouts and mechs in AC6. Not to mention, with the Tetrapod Legs, you will be able to hover around in the air for much longer than any other type. Although their size and weight make the mech an easier target and can also be deemed slow at times. But if you are basing your build on long-range weapon loadouts, these are the best quads of legs you will get in Armored Core 6.

Reverse Joint Legs

reverse joint legs in ac6

The Reverse Joint Legs are the lightweight counterpart of Bipedal Legs in Armored Core 6. With these legs, you will have an increase in boost speed which will in turn make your build faster through air and ground. Although with its nimbleness comes the Reverse Joint Legs have some cons that you may find not so easy to get by. The legs are low on defense and have the lowest load limit among all. And although you can make your build accordingly, it makes you lose out on the options for heavy weapons in the loadout in AC6.

Tank Treads

tank treads in armored core 6

Don’t want legs, here you go with the Tank Treads in Armored Core 6. As the name suggests, these are literal tanks attached to your feet and are more useful in ground combat in the game. The Tank Treads have the highest load limit amongst all the leg types and give great recoil control on heavy weapons. With maximum load capacity, players can attach any heavy weapon to their mechs and go around in their campaign. Although with all the weight it makes them vulnerable during air combat and also an easy target.

That’s everything covered on all Armored Core 6 Leg Types. If you find this guide useful, check out our dedicated Armored Core 6 section, right here on Gamer Tweak.