All Gold Toilet Locations in Borderlands 3

Find all gold toilets in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has a free seasonal event that’s available until June 4 and that is the Revenge of the Cartels. This event features new areas, new gear, new enemies and more.

There are 18 new challenges in Revenge of the Cartels. One of them involves the task of finding and interacting with three golden toilets in the Ultraviolet mansion to ‘mark your territory’.

Want to know where to find all golden toilets in Revenge of the Cartels? This guide will reveal their locations to help you.

Borderlands 3 Golden Toilet Locations Guide

This is where you can find all golden toilets in Borderlands 3.

First Golden Toilet Location

  • Enter the Mansion inside a Mansion.
  • Look for an elevator.
  • Go up the elevator after killing enemies and underboss.
  • Enter the room and turn left.
  • In the bathroom, you will see a golden toilet.
  • Flush it.

Second Golden Toilet Location

  • Search for the Old Grape Storage after going through the Gardens of Hedonia.
  • Walk in and look for an area with barrels.
  • Open a door which will reveal a golden toilet inside.

Third Golden Toilet Location

  • Once you get the fountain headpiece, go to the second floor.
  • This is The House That Joey Built.
  • After picking up the headpiece, move towards the right.
  • Then turn left.
  • Look for a bedroom near a fountain.
  • Go inside and enter the bathroom with the golden toilet.

Note that all the golden toilets must be interacted with in one single visit. If you leave or quit, you will have to do it all over again. For more such useful tips and tricks, check out our Borderlands 3 guides.