Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode 2.0 & Revenge of the Cartels Coming Today

By Nikita
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Borderlands 3 will be launching the Revenge of the Cartels event and the fresh Mayhem Mode 2.0 today (April 23) taking the post-game to another level.

Mayhem Mode unlocks after players complete the main game. It provides the option of increasing the game’s difficulty which in turn gives you better rewards. But this isn’t just a normal Mayhem Mode, it’s Mayhem Mode 2.0. It’s better than ever before. It has many improvements which is designed to give players a varied, lasting, and rewarding challenge, says Gearbox. Here are some details about Mayhem Mode 2.0 and the Revenge of the Cartels event that is going live today.

Mayhem Mode 2.0

There will be 25+ new modifiers ranging from Easy, Medium, Hard to Very Hard. Easy modifiers will increase your weapon’s damage, recoil and spread. There will also be something called Galaxy Brain which will increase the head sizes of enemies so players can land critical shots better. Further ahead, it gets more challenging. Like the Floor is Lava modifier will make you want to constantly move around because if you stand still, the floor under you will be covered in lava, dealing you damage. In the Hard modifier, Drone Ranger will spawn Healing Drones which will assist the enemies you encounter. Players are encouraged to figure out the rest of the modifiers in Mayhem Mode 2.0 themselves. Do note that modifiers are randomized. Check this out:

After Mayhem level 5, Mayhem Mode bosses can drop eight new legendary weapons so keep an eye out for that. The enemies’ health, armor and shield stats will also increase with an increase in Mayhem level. As your Mayhem levels increase, so will the stats of the gear you find. Another important detail is that you won’t need to visit the pedestal on Sanctuary III to activate Mayhem Mode or to adjust your Mayhem level. Now, there will be a new tab on your ECHO Device menu, where you can access it whenever you want.

In multiplayer, the Mayhem level will be decided by the host and you will be matched with players at a similar Mayhem level.

Revenge of the Cartels

A free seasonal event that is being added is the Revenge of the Cartels. It’s open to all owners of the game and will be available till June 4. It includes new enemy types, new areas, lots of gear to collect and limited-time challenges. In this event, your Saurian crewmate is now indebted to the kingpin of Eridium Cartel, Joey Ultraviolet. You will have to enter Villa Ultraviolet, battle hordes of enemies as well as Joey. Each gang will drop new loot for you. Once you defeat one gang, another gang will come to attack you. But you won’t fight the same gang twice in a row.

There will also be 18 challenges in his event which will earn you cosmetic items.
Here are the details:

  • 3 Challenges: ‘VECH-tor Graphics’ ECHO Device Skin
  • 6 Challenges: ‘Retro Outrunner’ Weapon Trinket
  • 10 Challenges: ‘Framed Firewall’ Room Decoration
  • 14 Challenges: ‘Hotline Pandora’ Vault Hunter Head
  • 18 Challenges: ‘Death by Filigrees’ Vault Hunter Skin

Based on this information, fans of the game can look forward to a heck of a good time in this Borderlands 3 update.

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