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All Minecraft Legends Biomes – Resources & More

Go through the list of biomes available in Minecraft Legends and get to know the game.

In Minecraft Legends, players are going to come across various biomes that they can explore. Exploring the biomes on the very first day will not only help you farm resources but also allow you to ride new mounts. For those who are unaware, the map is procedurally generated. This means, every time you load a new game, the size of the map will change making it quite tricky to navigate. But don’t worry, apart from the size and shape, the biomes will remain the same. With keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the list of biomes and a little more about them before you start your adventurous journey.

List of All Biomes in Minecraft Legends  – Best Things to Know

All Minecraft Legends Biomes - Resources & More
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There are 9 biomes that you can explore in Minecraft Legends. Every one of them has its own specialty and is known for its following resources. As we all are familiar, as soon as you enter the game, you’ll spawn in the middle of the Fatelands. So let’s see where you should move next.


As the name goes, here you’ll find various colorful tall trees that are kind of calming to watch. Apart from that there are also some mud puddles you should keep an eye out for. Moreover, as there are plenty of trees, this makes it the perfect spot to farm Woods whenever you run out of them.


In Badlands is a desert biome with high plateaus where jumping from a ledge is never a good idea. This landscape is filled with plants, sticky tar pits, and some bunnies running around. Here you can easily farm Coal as much as you want.


Meadow is another beautiful-looking biome that you can explore. However, there is not much to see here apart from some mud puddles, & plants. Similarly, it is not that rich in resources and can give you an average amount of Wood & Stone.


Tundra is a snowy biome in Minecraft Legends where you can farm tons of Diamonds & Stones. Many players consider it one of the safest biomes as of now but do keep an eye out for the hot geysers. That’s because it can surely give you and your mobs a good amount of damage.


The jungle is the place where maintaining a safe distance from the plants is recommended. That’s because this biome is covered with huge trees and poisonous plants. Moreover, the Jungle is known for its Redstone resources and can also be a good place to get some Wood.


The swamp is also a good biome to farm Redstone & Wood. Apart from that here you find some bouncy mushroom trees that’ll be surely fun to jump on.

Dry Savana

Dry Savana is another desert landscape where you’ll see some coral plants as decoration and dried grass. This place is also home to one of the fastest mounts available in Minecraft Legends, Regal Tigers. And this is the place where you’ll be able to find some Iron resources, only if you look carefully.

Jagged Peaks

Jagged Peaks is where you should go when you want the best view of the landscape. That’s because this biome is filled with high valleys, which can be tricky to climb with the base mount. But taking the risk is worth it, as this place has a good spawn rate of Diamonds as well as Chests.


Fatelands is the very first biome you’ll explore in the game, as your character will spawn in the middle of it. This landscape is filled with greenery and is one of the best places to farm Stone.

That covers all about the biomes available in Minecraft Legends. If you are done exploring them then check out how to get Free Skins easily in the game. Also, take a look at some beginner’s tips & tricks to get an idea about where you should do first.