ALICE Fiction Character Tier List For PvE And PvP (2023)

Here are all the ALICE Fiction characters ranked in the tier, you can use them on PvE and PvP matches.

This ALICE Fiction tier list has ranked the best characters by comparing their elements and stats. There are so many characters players can get from Gacha, that selecting the ones to invest time becomes difficult. Plus, this metaverse uses a unique approach where shields, armor, and swords are not what strengthen your characters most, but a memory, they are what give a stats boost to your heroes. So we also tried them with various World Memory. But we didn’t just depend on that and compared how they balance in PvE and PvP situations to create this ranking.

ALICE Fiction PvE and PvP Characters Ranking (2023)

ALICE Fiction Characters Ranked

The list is divided into seven tiers, where S+ are the strongest and D are the weakest characters. And in case you are looking for the best characters of specific elemental power, we also listed their elements. The ranking is based on how they perform in both PvE and PvP scenarios, so you might find your favorite PvE or PvE character ranked low, but that’s because they are good at just one platform.

S+ Tier Ranking for Characters

  • Amadeus – Light
  • Musashi – Fire
  • Lancelot – Earth
  • Perseus – Earth
  • Captain Drake – Water

S Tier List of ALICE Fiction

  • Antoinette – Fire
  • Longinus – Light
  • Archimedes – Water
  • Ushiwakamaru – Dark

A+ Tier Ranking for PvE and PvP

  • Mathers – Fire
  • Rousseau – Wood
  • Nightingale – Light
  • Viviane – Water
  • Wayland – Fire

A Tier Characters for ALICE Fiction

  • Andersen – Dark
  • Andromeda – Water
  • Asclepius – Wood
  • Himiko – Fire
  • Benkei – Light
  • Pygmalion – Dark

B Tier Ranking PvE and PvP Heroes

  • Nietzsche – Light
  • Cleopatra – Earth
  • Jack The Ripper – Dark
  • Robin Hood – Wood
  • Salieri – Earth
  • Kojiro – Water

C Tier Characters Ranked

  • Neu – Wood
  • Qin Shi Huang – Earth
  • Kenshin – Earth
  • Surtr – Fire
  • Joan – Dark
  • Hannibal – Dark
  • Galen – Water
  • Gilles – Earth

D Tier ALICE Fiction Heroes

  • Bismarck – Fire
  • Sharizotan – Wood
  • Wang – Wood
  • Scipio – Light

This is all for the ALICE Fiction character tier list. If you found this ranking useful in PvE and PvP battles, then you should skim through our site and read our other tier lists. We suggest you start with TapTap Universe ranking and then read the Idoly Pride Idol Manager tier.