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Idoly Pride Idol Manager Stars Tier List (September 2023)

Get and use these tier list idols to create the best idol group of IDOLY PRIDE.

Prove that you are the best Idol Manager by raising these top-tier stars to the world stage in IDOLY PRIDE. There are so many hardworking and talented stars that selecting and ranking don’t do full justice to them. Our Idoly Pride tier list ranks specify the best among the best. But you are free to choose anyone you like, as all Idols are very fun, often challenging, and adorable. It is an anime-stylized game, so graphics and character design are top notch, you will never get bored of this simulation.

Idoly Pride Tier List (September 2023)

IDOLY PRIDE Idol Manager Stars

We have made a tier of the top stars that you can have in your team with their type and storyline in IDOLY PRIDE. The list is divided from S to C rank, where S is best, A is very good, B is good, and C is better than the rest.

S Tier List for Idol Manager

  • Haruko Saeki – Vocal (Dependable Older Sister)
  • Chisa Shiraishi – Dance, Visual (A Handful of Courage, Beacon of Confidence)
  • Rei Ichinose – Visual (Not Afraid of Failure)

A Tier List for Idoly Pride

  • Rui Tendo – Vocal, Visual (Just the Way You Are, Embarrassing Summer Shot)
  • Mana Nagase – Dance (Just Holding Hands)
  • Sakura Kawasaki – Vocal, Visual (Dream Collaboration, So That I Can Become Your Light)

B Tier Idols Ranks

  • Igawa Aoi – Dance (What Does the Wet Hair Say)
  • Miho – Visual (Make A Comeback)
  • Aoi Igawa – Vocal (Eternity Sworn on the Ring)

C Tier List for Idoly Pride

  • Rui Amado – Dance (White Breathing Holy Night)
  • Saki Shiraishi – Vocal, Dance (Passion Hidden in the Heart, Solid Pride)

That’s everything covered in our IDOLY Pride Idol Manager stars tier list. We have only listed the best ones here, but that does not means that others are bad, all are decent in their specs. So once you have obtained idols from our list, you should try others to see if they are compatible with your gaming style. And if you enjoyed this guide and found it useful, then you should check out our other tier lists, like Brown Dust 2 best characters and top creatures of Sonaria.