Alchemist Code Tier List (October 2023)

Alchemist Code Ranked Tier List 2023: We've ranked the best characters. Know the best characters that you can use in the game.

Are you looking for a character Tier List for Alchemist Code? If so you are in the right place. These rankings are based on our understanding of the game. While these aren’t official in any sense, they are very similar to the community rankings for the characters. So, scroll down and find out more about this Tier List.

Alchemist Code Tier List October 2023

Alchemist Code Tier List

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Asuka Fire S
Fuu Fire S
Lisanaut Fire S
Chihaya Fire S
Adaleigh Fire S
Mira Fire S
Cadanova Fire S
Icona Fire S
Gilfred Fire S
Arthur Fire S
Courage Fire S
Don Taras Fire S
Rochelle Fire S
Noah Fire S
Pamela Fire S
Eins Water S
Emrys Water S
Dark Mira Water S
Voda Water S
Julia Water S
Ravina Water S
Melty Melromarc Water S
Soren Water S
Lamia Water S
Letitia Water S
Eira Water S
Dark Longinus Water S
Ankh Water S
Lisbeth Water S
Dark Nyx Wind S
Red VI Wind S
Tamis Wind S
Macherie Wind S
Eulalia Wind S
Leafah Wind S
Natalie Wind S
Leoniaz Wind S
Rahu Wind S
Gerald Thunder S
Judith Thunder S
Corvus Thunder S
Cassius Thunder S
Dark Julia Thunder S
Nyx Thunder S
Lilith Thunder S
Dark Othima Thunder S
Vier Thunder S
Tiferet Light S
Raphtalia Light S
Blair Light S
Spica Light S
Emmel Light S
Cheryl Light S
Nina Light S
Neica Light S
Logi Light S
Hisham Light S
Nero Dark S
Sol Dark S
Dark Zein Dark S
Zheng Yi Dark S
Eliza Dark S
Naofumi Iwatani Dark S
Lil’ Ouroboros Dark S
Zahar Dark S
Ikasa Dark S
Lupinus Fire A
Morrigan Fire A
Miuna Fire A
Daisy Fire A
Carla Fire A
Hazel Fire A
Ila Fire A
Emma Fire A
Dark Masamune Fire A
Reimei Fire A
Evelika Water A
Lofia Water A
Longinus Water A
Merlinus Water A
Selena Water A
Minario Water A
Alaia Water A
Shayna Water A
Gino Water A
Yauras Water A
Acht Wind A
Setsuna Wind A
Nefertiti Wind A
Zwei Wind A
Balt Wind A
Tamamo Wind A
Scheherezade Wind A
Shion Wind A
Seida Wind A
King Wind A
Mocca Wind A
Dark Parashu Wind A
Dark Artemis Wind A
Lucian Wind A
Patty Wind A
Dark Freikugel Thunder A
Roxanne Thunder A
Drei Thunder A
Orion Thunder A
Lucia Thunder A
Ange Thunder A
Lotiyah Thunder A
Teona Thunder A
Rebecca Thunder A
Edgar Thunder A
Dark Laevateinn Thunder A
Yna Ku Thunder A
Laevateinn Thunder A
Fujika Thunder A
Alma Light A
Siegfried Light A
Dark Tyrfing Light A
Mielikki Light A
Su Yi Light A
Tyrfing Light A
Hange Light A
Ambrosia Dark A
Lunaris Dark A
Basheeny Dark A
Meliodas Dark A
Levi Dark A
Dark Chloe Dark A
Dark Zain Dark A
Rosa Dark A
Masamune Fire B
Vettel Fire B
Vargas Fire B
Dark Setsuna Fire B
Fury Fire B
Ban Fire B
Melda Fire B
Shekinah Fire B
Creto Fire B
Liu Shen Fire B
Arkil Fire B
Eren Fire B
Zangetsu Fire B
Eve Fire B
Dorothea Fire B
Diane Water B
Zehn Water B
Itsuki Water B
Elizabeth Water B
Forcas Water B
Ren Water B
Fung Liu Water B
Sophia Water B
Kevin Water B
Shenmei Water B
Almace Water B
Ennis Water B
Mikasa Water B
D’Artagnan Water B
Othima Water B
Dancer Shenmei Water B
Fayrene Wind B
Artemis Wind B
Parashu Wind B
Uzuma Wind B
Wilhelm Wind B
Suiran Wind B
Bashosen Wind B
Hayate Wind B
Cita Wind B
Izayoi Wind B
Ramses Wind B
Lizardman Wind B
Celine Wind B
Hiiragi Wind B
Magnus Thunder B
Zofia Thunder B
Caris Thunder B
Blitz Thunder B
Yuri Thunder B
Eizan Thunder B
Mei Fang Thunder B
Vanekis Thunder B
Megistos Thunder B
Deneb Thunder B
Protector Light B
Ryle Light B
Won Light B
Gowther Light B
Carol Light B
Freed Light B
Eros Light B
Bud Light B
Fairily Light B
Zain Light B
Fraise Light B
Aisha Light B
Waginau Light B
Anastasia Dark B
Kudanstein Dark B
Glanz Dark B
Priscilla Dark B
Reido Dark B
Hozuki Dark B
Mirianne Dark B
Albea Dark B
Aswald Dark B
Jin Dark B
Dark Princess Yomi Dark B
Bertha Dark B
Ines Fire C
Vivi Fire C
Lambert Fire C
Sakura Fire C
Kamui Fire C
Strie Fire C
Veloz Fire C
Red Magnus Fire C
Gladiolus Fire C
Jake Fire C
Ciel Fire C
Yuto Fire C
Richie Fire C
Alyu Fire C
Tethys Water C
Elaine Water C
Chat Noir Water C
Mikoto Water C
Chiruru Water C
Mizuchi Water C
Strauss Water C
Reagan Water C
Elrike Water C
Yunagi Water C
Amane Water C
Michael Water C
Annika Water C
Rin (Disgaea) Water C
Alexis Water C
Silma Wind C
Tina Wind C
Hazuki Wind C
Nasario Wind C
Almira Wind C
Kazahaya Wind C
Fencer Wind C
Flamel Wind C
Gyan Wind C
Rigalt Wind C
Melia Wind C
Reiner Wind C
Cordelia Wind C
Tehre Thunder C
Freikugel Thunder C
Laila Thunder C
Tsang Lei Thunder C
Sovereign Thunder C
Dilga Thunder C
Chao Thunder C
Monzein Thunder C
Vincent Thunder C
Meily Thunder C
Alfred Thunder C
Retzius Thunder C
Amis Thunder C
Lucido Thunder C
Justin Thunder C
Ishuna Thunder C
Aruba Thunder C
Soleil Light C
Dragoon Chloe Light C
Kuon Light C
Amaterasu Light C
Hugo Light C
Victor Light C
Shaman Light C
Olga Light C
Celliers Light C
Decel Light C
Fiona Light C
Sabareta Dark C
Dias Dark C
Annerose Dark C
Blanchett Dark C
Harbinger Dark C
Reida Dark C
Edwin Dark C
Mianne Fire D
Rin Tohsaka Fire D
Roy Mustang Fire D
Riza Hawkeye Water D
Gane Water D
Prinny Water D
Gato Water D
Gunner Water D
Milis Wind D
Leon Wind D
Edward Wind D
Polin Wind D
Fencer Wind D
Prompto Thunder D
Usalia Thunder D
Gilgamesh Thunder D
King Bradley Thunder D
Seraphina Light D
Peridot Light D
Alphonse Light D
Tomas Light D
Zeke Light D
Etna Light D
Yuan Dark D
Archer Dark D
Zahar (Fate) Dark D
Pride Dark D
Laharl Fire F
Rin Water F
Noctis Water F
Lamia (Fate) Water F
Illyasviel Water F
Envy Wind F
Thillie Wind F
Saber Wind F
Ignis Wind F
Yomi (Fate) Wind F
Almira (Disgaea) Wind F
Aranea Dark F
Killia Dark F
Rosa (Disgaea) Dark F

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