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How To Make Albus Dumbledore Build In Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator

Check out how to make Albus Dumbledore build in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you want to make an Albus Dumbledore build in Hogwarts Legacy, then this character creator guide is made for you. The beloved headmaster of Hogwarts has many accolades to his name, and all for the right reasons. Known as the only wizard Voldemort is afraid of, Albus is truly one of the best. But how was this brilliant wizard during his years at Hogwarts? In this guide, we will help you create a character that looks like him.

How to Make Albus Dumbledore Character Build in Hogwarts Legacy

Using the impressive character creator in this game, we’ll create a character that Albus Dumbledore might’ve looked like in his youth. But note that his young self was never shown in the movies. So we’ve made this character based on J.K. Rowling’s description in the novels and Warner Bros’ adaptation in movies.

That being said, the following character creator settings are the best according to me to make Albus Dumbledore build in Hogwarts Legacy.


Albus Dumbledore build preset

You can choose any male preset but according to me, the 4th preset looks close to Albus Dumbledore.


  • Face Shape: 3rd Option
  • Skin Color: 3rd Option
  • Glasses: None


Albus Dumbledore build hairstyle

  • Hair Color: 16th Option
  • Hair Style: 3rd Option


  • Complexion: 8th Option
  • Freckles and Moles: 1st Option
  • Scars and Markings: 1st Option


  • Eye Color: 22nd Option
  • Eyebrow Color: 16th Option
  • Eyebrow Shape: 10th Option

Finalize Your Character

Finalise Albus Dumbledore build in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Voice
    • Tone: Voice One
    • Pitch: 2nd Option

These are the best settings to create Albus Dumbledore. As described in the books, you can select the Gryffindor house during the sorting ceremony to complete the build.

Here’s an interesting piece of trivia for you. Albus was born in 1881 and the game takes place in the 18th century as well. So many players wondered whether he’ll be in the game. The answer is no since his first year at Hogwarts was in 1892 while the events in the game take place in 1890. So even if he is not in the game, he is alive somewhere as a nine-year-old waiting for his letter from Hogwarts.

That’s all from us on how to make Albus Dumbledore build in Hogwarts Legacy. We have more build guides like Draco Malfoy and Newt Scamander so make sure you check out our Hogwarts Legacy section right away.