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Age Of Mythology Cheats For PC

Here are all the cheat codes that you can use while playing Age of Mythology.

Age Of Mythology Cheat Codes are available for PC and players can redeem them quite easily. Our guide has all the cheats you need for the game and the effects that each cheat brings in. Since the game has no dedicated button and you might get confused, you can also check out how to redeem them right here.

How to Use Age of Mythology Cheats

How to Use Age of Mythology Cheats

While playing Age of Mythology, players will have to press Enter and then they will get the option to type in one of the cheat codes. Now, to redeem all you have to do is press Enter once more and then you will get the reward. Keep in mind, if you make a typo, the cheats won’t work for you so make sure you copy paste them exactly.

All Age of Mythology Cheat Codes & Rewards

Here are all the cheat codes that you can use in Age of Mythology:

  • ATLANTIS REBORN – Heroes from expansion campaign
  • ATM OF EREBUS – 1000 gold
  • BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK – Superdog with 5000 life points
  • BAWK BAWK BOOM – Get the chicken-meteor god power
  • CHANNEL SURFING – Skip to next scenario in the campaign
  • CONSIDER THE INTERNET – Slow down units
  • DIVINE INTERVENTION – Use a previously used god power
  • ENGINEERED GRAIN – Get more food from animals
  • FEAR THE FORAGE – Get the walking berry bushes god power
  • GOATUNHEIM – Get a god power that turns all units on the map to goats
  • GODS CLASH – Grants Osiris the god
  • I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1! – Monkeys galore
  • IN DARKEST NIGHT – Make it nighttime
  • ISIS HEAR MY PLEA – Get the heroes from the campaign
  • JUNK FOOD NIGHT – 1000 food
  • L33T SUPA H4X0R – Faster build
  • LAY OF THE LAND – Show map
  • LETS GO! NOW! – faster game play, there are 2 spaces between GO! and NOW!
  • MOUNT OLYMPUS – Full favor
  • MR.MONDAY – AI handicap
  • O CANADA – Have a lazer bear
  • PANDORAS BOX – Get random god powers
  • RED TIDE – Makes water red
  • RESET BUTTON – Un-builds all buildings on the map
  • SET ASCENDANT – Show animals on map
  • THRILL OF VICTORY – Win game
  • TINES OF POWER – Have a forkboy
  • TINFOIL HAT – Randomizes the ownership of every unit on the map
  • TITANOMACHY – Instant Titan
  • TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE – 1000 wood
  • WRATH OF THE GODS – Get the Lightning Storm, Earthquake, Meteor and Tornado god powers
  • WUV WOO – Have a flying purple hippo
  • ZENOS PARADOX – Grants random god powers

That’s all the cheat codes we have on Age of Mythology and how to redeem the cheats. While you are here, check out other Game Guides for more such content here at Gamer Tweak.