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Which Side Is The Best To Choose From Between Agatha Or Mason In Chivalry 2

Are you confused about which side to choose between Agatha Or Mason In Chivalry 2? Check it out right here

The Agatha Knights or the Mason Order in Chivalry 2 are two warring factions that you can choose either. Both of them have their own ideas and it can be a dilemma for new players when it comes to choosing between the two, if you really wish to know which one to pick from, read till the end.

Agatha Or Mason Chivalry 2 Which Side To Choose


To be honest, it does not matter which side you choose in Chivalry 2. They are both cosmetic selections and do not make much of a difference when it comes to fighting style, but there is a bit of divergence when it comes to their ideologies in the game.

The Agatha Knights are the ones in the blue who were created by King Argon I, king of Olde Agatha as he conquered all the kingdoms in the Unification War. A highly religious faction that places a lot of focus on family and birthright and customs.


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The Mason Order was birthed out after the death of Argon I, they believe in strength, discipline, and ferocity above all else and most of the people are commoners. Here anyone can become anything if their heart is in the right place while your birthright means nothing.

Our personal preference is choosing the Mason Order not just because of the backstory but we just think that red looks a lot daunting in battle and in the game. Not only does it look good but the fact that no one is tied to their lineage makes everyone equal.


This is all there is to know about who you should pick between Agatha or Mason in Chivalry 2. While you’re here make sure to check out How To Find Chivalry 2 Servers Down Issues right here on Gamer Tweak.