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Metroid Dread Location To Go After Space Jump

In this guide, you'll learn where you need to go after you get the Space Jump ability in Metroid Dread.

Metroid Dread players often find certain regions and levels confusing like the ones where the game doesn’t instruct you where to go after getting ability upgrades like the space jump. In this guide, we’ll help you figure out your path and how to traverse the map after you get the space jump.

Where to Go After You Get the Space Jump Ability in Metroid Dread?


Your destination after getting the space jump ability from Northeastern Ferrenia in Metroid Dread should be to get to the unexplored part of Burenia by heading through Ghavoran. You do this by navigating through the submerged zones and using your morph ball and jump abilities to ease your way through the paths while keeping to the western regions of the map.  Here’s how you can do this in Metroid Dread after unlocking the space jump ability.

  • Once you get the space jump ability you need to get to Burenia.
  • To get to Burenia, first head down through the columns into the area that’s completely submerged.

first level


  • In these submerged zones, you’ll find platforms you can use to make your way through the map.
  • Once you head out of the water, fire upwards at the wall until it breaks.

wall break

  • Moreover, it’s here that you’ll discover an entrance to pass through.



  • This is where you take the path to Ghavoran.



  • After passing the Ghavoran check-in zone, head for the door on the top.

checkpoint ghavoran

entrance metroid dread

  • Furthermore, from here you’ll need to use your morph ball to take the thin passage.

morph ball

  • You’ll locate a few Blocks in Metroid Dread here that you need to destroy.
  • Furthermore, you’ll discover another submerged zone.
  • Use your morph ball ability to get past the narrow paths and you’ll eventually reach a green teleportal.

burenia entrance

  • This teleportal takes you to Burenia.
  • Moreover, from here, you’ll now have to explore the new unlocked region of Burenia.
  • It’s from here that you take the entrance on the left and navigate the new paths and discover Burenia.

That’s pretty much all there is to know about how you need to move forward after gaining the space jump ability. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you wish to know how to negate the effects of submerged zones, here’s how to get the gravity suit in Metroid Dread.