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AFK Arena Hero Tier List (March 2023)

Here's our AFK Arena Tier List where we've ranked the best heroes for PvP, PvE and more.

Our AFK Arena Tier List & Best Heroes guide will give you everything you need to know about the best characters to pick. This game is available for both major mobile OS platforms. With more than 80 playable hero characters and different abilities, you must be wondering who is the best character. So for your convenience, we’ve ranked the characters from S tier (best) to D tier (worst) according to information compiled from Reddit and more.

AFK Arena Tier List 2023 – Best Heroes Of Every Class Ranked

AFK Arena Tier List 2021 Best Heroes

AFK Arena APK is available right now in both App Store & Play Store. With the game installed, here are the best AoE, Tank, Control, Burst, Buffer, and more heroes sorted by type in AKF Tier List according to Reddit, so you can pick them according to the game category you are playing:

Best AFK Arena Tank Heroes

Hero PvE PvP Lab Boss
Daimon SS+ SS SS+ SS+
Thoran SS+ SS SS F
Grezhul SS AA D SS+
Arthur SS SS A F
Albedo SS SS A D
Mezoth S SS+ S A
Orthros S SS+ S D
Skreg A SS+ S F
Hendrik AA AA AA F
Gorvo A D D E
Lucius C C C A
Brutus C D A F
Torne D D D D
Anoki D D D D
Ulmus E D E F

Best AFK Arena Warrior Heroes

Hero PvE PvP Lab Boss
Alna SS+ SS+ SS+ SS+
Saurus SS SS+ A SS+
Izold SS SS SS SS+
Nara SS SS+ A D
Wu Kong S SS+ SS+ A
Zolrath AA SS+ SS C
Warek AA D B SS
Estrilda C D D SS
Khasos D D D D
Baden E E A A
Ukyo E E D D
Rigby E A E E
Walker E E E F
Antandra D E E E
Seirus F F E F

Best AFK Arena Support Heroes

Hero PvE PvP Lab Boss
Rowan SS+ SS+ SS+ SS+
Elijah & Lailah SS+ SS+ SS+ SS+
Talene SS+ SS+ SS+ SS+
Mortas SS+ SS+ SS+ SS+
Tasi SS SS+ SS+ F
Ezizh SS SS+ SS SS+
Silas SS SS+ SS SS
Merlin SS SS SS A
Rosaline SS SS SS SS+
Numisu S SS A A
Leofric AA AA AA AA
Desira AA AA AA A
Nemora AA D AA D
Peggy A A A A
Raine D D D SS

Best AFK Arena Ranger Heroes

Hero PvE PvP Lab Boss
Eironn SS+ SS+ SS+ SS
Lucretia SS+ SS+ SS+ SS
Raku SS+ SS+ SS A
Athalia SS SS SS+ SS
Gwyneth SS SS+ SS A
Ferael SS SS SS A
Ezio SS SS A D
Prince of Persia S S AA D
Nakoruru S SS+ A A
Fawkes AA D AA A
Drez AA AA A D
Tidus AA AA A D
Kelthur AA D A E
Respen A A A E
Vurk A E A A
Kren A D D A
Theowyn C A D A
Oscar E E E E
Thane F F F A

Best AFK Arena Mage Heroes

Hero PvE PvP Lab Boss
Ainz SS+ SS+ SS+ A
Morael SS SS SS A
Mehira SS A SS+ SS
Zaphrael SS SS+ SS A
Oden SS A AA E
Flora S SS+ S A
Safiya S A S SS
Lorsan S SS AA SS+
Khazard S S SS AA
Isabella S SS A SS+
Skriath S AA A A
Pippa AA AA AA D
Eluard AA AA AA A
Shemira C D AA SS+
Belinda C E S AA
Solise A D D D
Satrana D E D A

That’s everything you need to know about AFK Arena Tier List & Best Heroes guide according to Reddit. While you are here, make sure to check out more of our Tier Lists to know our rankings for characters in other games.