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Aeon Must Die Devs Forced To Quit In Latest Work Crunch Scandal

Aeon Must Die Likely To Be Killed Before Launch

Aeon Must Die showcase during PlayStation State of Play event might have impressed a lot of people but it looks like behind the scenes there is a lot going on. According to recent leaks, the entire dev team of Aeon Must Die has either quit or has been fired.

The devs of Aeon Must Die were facing issues with poor work environment involving work crunch which was put forth to the publisher of the game but to no avail. The trailer shows a heavily stylized 2D action gameplay.


Aeon Must Die let’s you play as the Hero and as the Villian, with every choice you make affecting the five different endings of the game, but it looks like the game will never see the light of day if the issues aren’t solved.

A dropbox link was provided by Twitter user @calibrono


This tweet exposed what was happening behind the scenes and inside the link, you can find more details about the employees and the work that they have put in.

It is sad to see that while the world is suffering through a pandemic, people are still being forced to work tirelessly while the rest of the world has fallen still, frozen in place.


While the publishers of Aeon Must Die haven’t released a statement yet, internally there has been a lot of back and forth going on.

What’s even more surprising is that Limestone Games’ Twitter account also seems to have just the link of the same dropbox link where you can find the documents about the issues that the workers are facing.

While it is truly disheartening, we must take this with a pinch of salt as more clarity is needed and while we’re waiting for an official confirmation from the developers of Aeon Must Die, we must shed light on the inhuman working conditions of people working in the gaming industry.


We will keep a close eye on the development of Aeon Must Die and keep you up to date with how things progress from here. Make sure to follow Gamer Tweak for more information about your latest games.