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Remnant 2 Adventure Mode Explained: How To Unlock It

You can replay any biome by accessing the Adventure Mode in Remnant 2. So, here's how you can unlock it.

There are tons of intriguing features available in Remnant 2 and the Adventure Mode is one of them. In case you want to replay a certain region again but do not wish to wait until the end, then this mode is something that can help you through it. This makes it the best way for collecting items that you missed during your first playthrough. Ideal for farming upgrade materials and other items, here’s how you can make use of Adventure Mode.

How to Unlock Adventure Mode in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, Adventure Mode unlocks once you finish the first biome completely. That being said, once you have killed the final boss of the first region or world, it will become accessible. To get started with the Adventure Mode, you must head over to Ward 13 and interact with the World Stone. From there, you’ll be able to use the World Settings and enter the Adventure Mode.

How to Unlock Adventure Mode in Remnant 2

You can only focus on one region at a time while grinding through this Mode. It is possible to switch between locations in case you have unlocked multiple of them. What I like the most about Adventure Mode is that it does not affect your main campaign progress in Remnant 2. This mode functions separately giving you a much shorter yet adventurous experience of the selected biome.

Moreover, keep in mind that your progress in Adventure Mode is erased if you reroll again. So, go over and complete your run through the Adventure Mode. Collect items and upgrade materials, level up Archetypes, and try out your character build by taking out bosses. The Adventure Mode does benefit you in more than one way.

That’s all you need to know about the Adventure Mode in Remnant 2. And for more such informative content, make sure to check out our other Remnant 2 section. We have stacked up plenty of guides for you there.