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Adopt Me: How To Get Pet Rock & Mechapup In 2022

Looking to get the Pet Rock in Adopt Me in the April fools update for 2022. Check out this guide to learn how to get them and their variants.

Adopt Me brings back the famous Pet Rock in 2022 with the April Fools update, along with another pet Mechapup. Not only that, but this time once you get the pet you get to keep them. And both of these pets also have their neon and mega neon forms available. So in this guide let us quickly check how to get the Pet Rock & Mechapup in Adopt Me in 2022 and their variants.

How to Get Pet Rock and Mechapup in Adopt Me Roblox in 2022


adopt me get pet rock and mechapup

You can get the Pet Rock and Mechapup in Adopt Me by buying them. Below are the steps on how to get them.

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Pick the character that you want to play as i.e. Baby or Parent.
  3. After that head to the exit.
  4. Now cross the bridge and on the opposite side, you will See an NPC Burt. You can talk to him or directly go to the pile of rocks on his left.
  5. Interact with the pile of rock pets.
  6. If you have enough Bucks then you can buy a Pet Rock for 350 Bucks. Else the game will ask you to spend Robux to get more in-game Bucks.
  7. You can also see Mechapup on the left of the Pile of pet rocks.
  8. Interact with it and the game will give you the option to buy it for 850 Robux.


How to Get the Neon Pet Rock or Neon Mechapup

You can get the Neon variants of your pets by fusing them at the Neon Cave.

  1. Get four Pet Rocks or Mechapups and grow them completely.
  2. Next, go to the Neon Cave and place them on the four spots.
  3. This will merge them and you will get your new Neon Pet Rock or Neon Mechapup respectively.


How to Get the Mega Neon Variants of these Pets

In order to get the Mega neon variants, you will merge 4 neon pets of the Mega Neon Pet that you want.

  1. Get four Neon Pet Rocks or Neon Mechapups and grow them completely.
  2. Now, head to the Neon Cave and place them on the four spots just like before.
  3. They will get merged and you will get a new Mega Neon Pet Rock or Mega Neon Mechapup respectively.


Do remember this event is for a limited time so you might want to get your hands on them as quickly as possible. Once it is gone you will have to wait until the game decides to bring these pets back.

That covers everything you should know about how to get Pet Rock & Mechapup and their Neon & Mega Neon variants in Adopt Me April Fools Update 2022. Also, check our Adopt me Codes list to get freebies in this game. If you like playing more of such games then don’t miss out on our other Roblox Guides.