Active Time Lore In Final Fantasy 16 – How To Use

Find out what Active Time Lore is and how to use it in FF16.

The storylines in the Final Fantasy series are not always easy to grasp. This is especially true for players trying to jump onto the franchise for the first time. Final Fantasy 16’s plot is mostly subtle but can at times become overwhelming. Luckily, the developers have added an in-game feature called Active Time Lore. This helps players get a quick summary of the plot and the events that take place. But how does the Active Time Lore work and how can you use it in FF16? This guide will answer all your doubts.

How to Use Active Time Lore in FF16

how active time lore works ff16

You can access Active Time Lore in Final Fantasy 16 by pressing the Touchpad of your DualSense controller. Doing so will immediately pause the game and bring up a menu of bios of the characters and background lore of the current location.

Active Time Lore also helps in explaining concepts that are most relevant to the current storyline. They are usually in the form of written text to give players a quick summary. So, if you failed to pick up on an idea that Clive and his party were discussing from a recent cutscene, open up the Active Time Lore. The in-game summary will keep you up to date with the FFXVI plot.

The Active Time Lore system works by giving short summaries about characters, locations, and events to players interested in the FF16 plot. It is a blessing in disguise for newcomers who have no prior knowledge of the Final Fantasy lore. Moreover, it also helps veterans of the franchise brush up on their knowledge of the background story.

That’s all there is to know about what is Active Time Lore and how to use it in FF16. We hope that this guide was able to answer your questions. For more stuff on the game, visit our Final Fantasy 16 section.