Hades 2: What Is God Mode And How To Enable It?

Feeling the game is a bit hard and can’t get past Hecate in Hades II? You should try using the game’s God Mode.

Roguelike games can be particularly difficult at times, luckily you can activate God Mode in Hades 2. While the name might sound deceiving and you may think it is a hard mode like the Give Me God of War mode in the GoW series. In Hades games, God mode is actually the easy mode. So if you are unable to reach the Titan lord of time then you are in luck. Using this mode can take off the heat and help you make significant progress or even complete the game. So here is how you can enable it.

How to Turn On God Mode in Hades 2

How To Activate God Mode In Hades 2
Image Credits: Ditech Gaming on YouTube. Go to Options and in Gameplay you can enable God Mode in Hades 2.

You can find God Mode in the Gameplay option.

  1. Pause the game.
  2. The first option in Gameplay will be God Mode.
  3. Toggle it on.

Now, with each run, you will take less damage which should help you take care of your enemies.

How does God Mode work Explained

By default, this option is disabled. But after you activate it, the game gives you an immediate 20% damage resistance. The best part is you can activate it even in the middle of your run. But that is not all, after that each time you die, at the start of the next run this damage resistance increases by 2%.

So each run, it will become 22%, 24%, 26%, until it becomes 80%. This should make Melinoe very strong and let her tank the strongest of hits even from Chronos! This mode was even in the original game, however, when you used it there, it would disable your in-game achievements.

Luckily, this game is still in Early access at the time of writing this guide. As a lot of its content is yet to be released & since it doesn’t have achievements, you can freely use it if you just want to enjoy the game’s story, the different interactions with the gods, or if you just want to be unstoppable & stomp every enemy that gets in your way.

That sums up what God mode is in Hades 2 and how you can use it. Speaking of fighting the Titan lord, you should also check out how to pause against him. You might also find this Bosses list useful to see whom you are up against in each area.