Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quests Walkthrough

Here are all the Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quests and a quick walkthrough to help you along the way.

Many D2R players are struggling to unlock and navigate Act 3 Quests. If you are among many struggling at this, don’t worry you are at the right place. Today we will help you to unlock and complete all the 6 quests in Act 3 by providing the complete walkthrough in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quests Walkthrough

how to complete diablo 2 resurrected act 3 quests walkthrough guide

To unlock the Act 3 quests in Diablo 2 Resurrectedm you need to kill a Unique monster once you finish the final quest of Act 2 called “The Seven Tombs”. This where you go to Tal Rasha’s Chamber and beat the final act boss Baal. Once done you are ready to venture into Act 3.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 1 – The Golden Bird Walkthrough

  • To start Act 3 Quest 1 Diablo 2 Resurrected, you have to find and kill any Unique monster after completing all Act 2 quests. This is different from other quests which are usually given by other NPCs in the game. Even though this quest is optional, we suggest you do this one to easily get permanent +20 hit points. So with that said here’s a complete walkthrough of The Golden Bird quest:
  • Find and kill any random Unique monster once you leave the Kurast Docks.
  • The Unique monster will drop an item called Jade Figurine.
  • Once you get this Jade Figurine, your quest log will be updated.
  • You need to bring this unique item to Deckard Cain.
  • He suggests you take the figurine to the ship captain Meshif, who would be interested in it.
  • Now you need to bring the Jade Figurine to Meshif.
  • He will take the item and in return will give you a golden bird statuette.
  • Now should take the golden bird statuette back to Deckard Cain.
  • Deckard Cain believes the statuette holds the ashes of Ku Y’leh.
  • To test this you will need to go to the alchemist Alkor.
  • Once you leave and area and return back, Alkor will give you a Potion of Life.
  • The Potion of Life will give you permanent +20 hit points.
  • This marks the end of Act 3 Quest 1.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 2 – Blade of the Old Religion Walkthrough

  • Talk to Hratli.
  • In this quest, you need to find an Ancient Skatsimi Blade for Ormus to protect the town.
  • The Ancient Skatsimi Blade called “The Gidbinn” can be found in the Flayer Jungle.
  • You can access Flayer Jungle through Spider Forest, or through the Great Marsh.
  • Sometimes you need to locate the Flayer Dungeon entrance to easily find the village.
  • Explore the area to find a hidden Flayer Jungle.
  • The altar will be in the Flayer Jungle.
  • You need to interact with an altar to spawn its guardian.
  • You need to beat the guardian Unique Rat Man, to get Gidbinn as a drop.
  • Bring the dagger to Ormus.
  • Talk to Asheara to get a free Iron Wolf mercenary.
  • Go back to Ormus to get a Rare ring.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 3 – Khalim’s Will Walkthrough

  • This quest can be started by entering Great Marsh. Also, note that this will be the most complicated quest in D2R So with that in mind let’s start:
  • It requires you to transmute and create Khalim’s Will using Horadric Cube.
  • For the recipe, you will need Khalim’s Eye, Khalim’s Brain, Khalim’s Heart, and Khalim’s Flail.
  • They will be scattered in different locations.
    • Khalim’s Eye: Golden chest in the Spider Cavern below the Spider Forest.
    • Khalim’s Brain: Golden chest from the Flayer Dungeon level three below the Flayer Jungle.
    • Khalim’s Heart: Golden chest from the second level of the sewers, below Kurast.
    • Khalim’s Flail: On a High Council member in Travincal.
  • Use the items to transmute Khalim’s Will using Horadric Cube.
  • Use it to destroy the red glowing Compelling Orb and enter Durance of Hate.
  • Now Act 3 Quest 3 will be completed.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 4 – Lam Esen’s Tome Walkthrough

  • Activate Act 3 Quest 4 by interacting with Alkor, once you complete the “Blade of the Old Religion” quest.
  • You can also start the quest by visiting the Ruined Temple in the Kurast Bazaar.
  • Beat the Super Unique Corrupted Rogue boss Sarina the Battlemaid.
  • Collect the book.
  • Bring Lam Esen’s Tome book back to Alkor.
  • Collect +5 stat points as your reward.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 5 – The Blackened Temple Walkthrough

  • You can skip this quest if you have already completed Act 3 Quest 3 Khalim’s Will. Otherwise, you need to do this quest to enter Durance of Hate.
  • Follow the quest log to reach all 6 members of the Zakarum High Council.
  • 3 will be located in Travincal and the other 3 in Durance of Hate.
  • You need to find and get the drop Flail and immediately destroy the Compelling Orb.
  • Destroying the orb will stop all the remaining Zakarum members from attacking you.
  • Get yourself ready for the Mephisto boss fight in the next quest.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 6 – The Guardian Walkthrough

  • The main goal of the quest is to find and kill Mephisto.
  • Once the Act boss is beaten you can enter Infernal Gate to start Act 4.

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