ACNH 2.0 New Villagers & Characters List

By Nikita
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Animal Crossing New Horizons got a major Version 2.0 Update update in November 2021 and this time, it was really major! A total of 18 new villagers arrived to the game and with them, they brrought along lots of new stories. In case the game felt pretty much dead to you, this update is bound to bring life back to it. Let’s take a look at the full list of all the new villagers and characters that have come to ACNH.

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ACNH New Villagers and Characters List (Version 2.0 Update)

There are some new and returning characters coming to ACNH that you may be familiar with if you have played the previous games.

  1. Ace – Bird (Returning)
  2. Frett – Dog(Returning)
  3. Rio – Ostrich (Returning)
  4. Zoe – Anteater (Returning)
  5. Sasha – Rabbit (New)
  6. Ione – Squirrel (New)
  7. Tiansheng – Monkey (New)
  8. Shino – Deer (New)
  9. Marlo – Hamster (New)
  10. Petri – Mouse (New)
  11. Cephalobot – Octopus (New)
  12. Quinn – Eagle (New)
  13. Chabwick – Penguin (New)
  14. Azalea – Rhino (Returning)
  15. Roswell – Alligator (Returning)
  16. Faith – Koala (Returning)
  17. Wardell – Manatee (New)
  18. Niko – Monkey (New)

You can also meet these characters:

acnh new villagers version 2 update

  • Brewster – Pigeon (at The Roost)
  • Katrina – Panther (at her Fortune Shop)
  • Tortimer – Tortoise
  • and more!

These are all the Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) new villagers and characters that you can meet when you get the free version 2.0 update. If you want to unlock more fun, get the Happy Home Paradise paid DLC which is also releasing on the same day, that is, November 5, 2021.

If you want to know everything that is being added in the new update, here’s the official video from Nintendo. As one of the top commenters under this video says – this update single-handedly gave the game the personality it was missing. Very true – it almost felt like this game was abandoned but now with this big update, most of the players, including me, are going to be flocking back to it!

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