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Far Cry 6 Achievements Guide – How To Unlock All FC6 Trophies

Want to get 100% completion? Then you will need this Far Cry 6 Achievements Guide which will help you unlock every trophies.

There are quite a few achievements in Far Cry 6 that you can unlock and get 100% completion. If that’s the journey you are on right now, look no further. Here’s how to unlock all trophies/achievements in Far Cry 6. This Trophy list is different from the Challenges list which we will be covering as well!

How to Unlock All Far Cry 6 Achievements – Full List of Every FC6 Trophy


how to unlock all trophies achievements far cry 6

  • Yo Soy Dani Rojas
    • Select Dani’s Look (Only For Solo Campaign)
  • Cutting Foreign Ties
    • Recruit The Legends Of ’67 And La Moral
  • Montero Justicia
    • Recruit The Monteros
  • Voz Del Pueblo
    • Recruit Maximas Matanzas
  • Viva La Revolucion
    • Take Back Yara
  • Check It Out
    • Capture 10 Checkpoints (Only For Solo Campaign)
  • Friendly Skies
    • Blow Up 16 Anti Aircraft Cannons (Only For Solo Campaign)
  • Top Of The Pecking Order
    • Win A Cockfighting Match
  • Speed Racer
    • Complete 3 Gran Premios
  • Beginner’s Luck
    • Win A Dominoes Game
  • Overheated
    • Complete A Special Operation
  • @canyoupetthecroc
    • Pet Guapo
  • Heated Conflict
    • Take Out 10 Soldiers With Active Heat
  • Not So Special
    • Take Out 10 Special Forces Soldiers
  • Hit N Run
    • Run Over 10 Soldiers In A Vehicle
  • Didn’t See That Coming!
    • Use A Security Control Center To Disable All Cameras And Alarms
  • Fashionista
    • Equip A Full Matching Gear Set
  • Hidden In Plain Sight
    • Find Your Way To Miami
  • Ninjerilla
    • Capture An FND Base Without Being Detected – Solo
  • Co-dependent
    • Capture An FND Base With A Co-op Partner
  • Liberty
    • Capture All FND Bases (Only For Solo Campaign)
  • Finders Keepers!
    • Return 3 FND Resource Vehicles In Mint Condition
  • It’s Raining Treasure!
    • Intercept 10 Military Supply Drops (Only For Solo Campaign)
  • Undying Tradition
    • Complete The Yaran Story “Triada Blessings”
  • Alpha Guerilla
    • Successfully Complete 5 Bandido Operations
  • Road Rage
    • Perform A Vehicle Machete Kill From A Horse
  • Armed To The Teeth
    • Collect 49 Unique Weapons
  • Hogar Dulce Hogar
    • Fully Upgrade One Camp Facility At Any Guerilla Camp (Only For Solo Campaign)
  • Backpacking
    • Acquire Every Supremo In Yara
  • Fry Cry
    • Purchase 15 Meals
  • That’s My Jam
    • Find 15 USB Sticks
  • That’s Puzzling
    • Unlock 15 Criptograma Chests
  • Car Cry
    • Collect All 4 Rides
  • Recrooster
    • Find All Roosters
  • Loyal Army
    • Recruit 5 Amigos
  • Strutting His Stuff
    • Equip Chicharron With The Motherclucker Outfit
  • Secret Weapons
    • Distract 10 Soldiers With Chorizo
  • Jawson Brody
    • Take Out A Shark With An Explosion
  • Sophishticated
    • Catch 10 Fish
  • Outdated Tech
    • Take Out A Soldier By Sabotaging An Alarm
  • Oh No You Don’t!
    • Take Out 3 Insurgent Leaders
  • Not So Tough
    • Diable And Hijack A Tank Using An Emp Device
  • Ultimate Predator
    • Hunt All Mythical Animals (Only For Solo Campaign)
  • Slip Sliding Away
    • Slide 200m At Once
  • Death From Above
    • Take Out A Soldier From 50m Above Them
  • Toxic Influence
    • Have Poisoned Soldiers Kill 5 Other Enemies
  • Do It Yourself
    • Install Every Mod On A Single Resolver Weapons
  • Glamping
    • Build One Of Each Camp Facility – Solo Campaign
  • Furiously Fast
    • Have 10 Parts Installed On A Rides
  • Glorious Leader
    • Reach The Rank Of Comandante
  • Stay Cool
    • Complete Any Special Operation Without Exceeding 50% On The Pg-240x’s Temperature Meter
  • Hidden Cash
    • Locate A Stash Of Hidden Moneda In Any Special Operation
  • Termination Phase
    • Free 30 Hostages During A Lola’s Informants Challenge In Any Special Operation

So, this is the Far Cry 6 achievements list that you can refer to and complete the missions to unlock all trophies. For more tips, tricks and hidden secrets in Far Cry 6, stay with Gamer Tweak!