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How To Access Stash In Diablo 4

Save up for a rainy day with this guide on how to access the Stash in Diablo 4.

RPG fans the world over were ecstatic to learn about the development of Diablo 4. With the new beta out right now, players are pouring hours into everything the game offers. Like any classic RPG, looting is a considerable part of Diablo 4. But your character can only hold so much. Here’s a quick guide on how to access the Stash in Diablo 4.

How to Access Shared Stash in Diablo 4

how to access stash in diablo 4

The start of the game is filled with more loot than players know what to do it. By the first town itself, most players have filled their inventory up with items and weapons that they can’t play without. Thankfully the game has a system to help out players. Players can place their loot in a personal stash. These storage units can be found in the various cities in the world of Diablo 4.

If you’re at the start of the game then make your way to Kyovashad. You’ll get here eventually through Nevesk if you progress through the story. Once you reach the city, open your map and look for a treasure chest icon. In Kyovashad the chest icon will lead to an inn. Walk up the stairs to the second floor of the inn. Interact with the chest in the room. You can now use this chest to save and store your loot throughout the game. Look for another similar chest in the various cities of the game.

You can use these Stashes to save items that your current character can’t use. Saving these items for any future playthroughs with other characters is now possible thanks to these Stashes. Keep in mind that your other character will have to access the same chest you placed the item in. Using all the stash points in the game is a great way to collect all the things you can find.

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